We all strive to make our homes a welcoming place for ourselves and our friends and family because no matter how far we travel, there truly is no place like home. Scents play a bigger role in that welcoming feeling than you may imagine. 

Scents like fresh baked cookies, or lemon zest or fresh Eucalyptus, for example, are scents that I associate with pleasant memories from places we’ve traveled too, or places I’ve lived.  I’ve been reading up on Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils which led me to partner with Oojra, a woman-owned company that makes travel-inspired Essential Oil Reed diffusers and soy candles. This is Aromatherapy at its best, bringing exotic fragrances of the world into homes around the world.

Oojra essential oil reed diffusers and soy candles #ad #aromatherapy

I've partnered with Oojra because their products are made with essential oils and high-quality ingredients, which makes me super happy. This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive compensation should you make a purchase. All opinions are my own. 

About Oojra Founder and CEO:

With International Women’s Day celebrated this month, I love learning that this company was founded and ran by CJ Lemky, a lover of travel from a very early age says “she wanted to inspire more people to travel, to connect with beautiful people all over the world and bring those experiences into their everyday lives. Oojra was created to improve how people experience their spaces and to inspire and recall life changing travel experiences.” 

What Does Oojra Mean?

Oojra essential oil products #ad #aromatherapy

 CJ explains- When I was creating Oojra, I wanted a name that reflected the exotic inspirations and the goal of transforming our sensory experience and creating that all important “good vibe” or energy.

My time in India led me to look in the Hindi language where I came across the Hindi word for energy, urja. I wanted to incorporate the luscious feeling that I intended to curate into the name. I thought about what people say when they see something that feels or smells good; “oooou that’s good” is what came to mind.
So, with a little creativity, I combined the exotic vibes of urja and “ooou” into Oojra, luscious exotic energy to transform how you experience the world.

About Oojra Products:

Oojra essential oil products #ad

Oojra wants our experience with their products to be a pleasant one so they use the highest quality ingredients for our well-being and state that each product is:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Aerosol Free
  • Essential Oil Based Fragrance - not chemical based - for a more authentic and healthy experience
  • Natural Rattan Reeds

Oojra products are free of parabens #ad

Their reed diffusers and soy candles in a variety of fragrances to delight us and remind us of special places we’ve visited. When you visit Oojra, you can either shop by world location or you can shop by scent! Here are some of their popular scents:

  • French Provence Lavender Collection
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection
  • Australian Eucalyptus Collection
  • Canadian Christmas tree Collection
  • Thai Jasmine Bamboo Collection
  • Laos White Tea and Ginger Collection

Oojra essential oil reed diffuser #ad

I’m excited to try the Australian Eucalyptus Collection. I adore the scent of fresh Eucalyptus.  I grew up in Northern California where the fresh scent of Eucalyptus was a part of my daily experience. I loved finding out that this scent was inspired by a childhood memory of playing in the Eucalyptus trees in Australia. 

 I really like how the Oojra website explains each scents profile clearly by answering what does it smell like?   And offering suggestions on usage, but I really love how they explain Aromatherapy on each scent. For instance, this is what it says for my choice Australian Eucalyptus:

Elevate your life experience with Aromatherapy:

Oojra products for helpful aromatherapy #ad

"Australia’s blue forests are named for the haze produced by the tree’s essential oil. When you walk through the groves, the blue mist that mutes the surrounding scenery can be almost intoxicating. One can’t help but take deep breaths of its refreshing scent, which is perhaps why aromatherapists use it to clear the air, helping to resolve disagreements in interpersonal conflicts.

With spring right around the corner, I can’t think of a better way to clear the air in my home than opening up the windows on a warm sunny day and adding the heavenly scent of Eucalyptus to my home.

I invite you to visit Oorja today to elevate your mood with travel-inspired aromatherapy. I think you’ll like their products and prices. Plus, every order ships free.

Please share in comments: Which scent from the above list would you select first and why?
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