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November Finds Me- Many Things

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Happy Friday Eve! This has been a growing sort of month for me and I wanted to share a little of it here with you in my monthly “feelings” post.

November finds me:

I know some of you are thinking that these feelings aren’t news worthy, or maybe even post worthy since practically everybody who has an online account on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest are sharing their hearts out. You could be right- maybe this type of sharing is being done too much- but today, this is where my heart is because of recent interactions with friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers.

1. I have so much to be thankful for that I couldn’t possibly list them all here, but today I am especially thankful for: My own car that runs anytime I need it. This week I’ve chatted with a lady who doesn’t own her own car (or her own home for that matter) and has to schedule her day around others to get around. Another lady, who is a stay at home Mom is a one car family, so she’s stuck at home all day- everyday while her husband goes to work.

2. I’m happy that my life is an amalgamation of domestic know -how and business savvy which allows me to continue being a work at home Mom.  I don’t earn a whole lot of money- but I save us a lot!  With the rising cost of childcare- I am so very happy I can be at home for my kids and family.  
Look at these startling stats:
In 31 states plus D.C., the cost of center-based care for an infant is higher than a year's tuition at a four-year public university.- The average annual cost for two children (an infant and a 4-year-old) in a childcare center ranged from about $10,000 in Mississippi to nearly $30,000 in Massachusetts! You can read the full report here

3. I’m peace with my age and stage in life. I’m officially a Tween! I’ve moved past having children and I’m nowhere near ready to be a Grandma- so I’m a tween right along with my tween. 

4. I’m hopeful for what next year will bring. We are on the cusp of good, good things.  I can feel it.

5. I am blessed with the ability to be me. I’ve gone throw some growing pains this year and my wonderful husband- my best friend for well over 20 years, has remained my constant and true biggest fan, as have my daughters. To be honest- this blog would not still be here if not for their unwavering support. Blogging is a creative endeavor with a whole lot of moving parts. Growing a blog is like gardening, it is never ending, but with each season you see fruits of your labor. Some seasons are sweeter and more bountiful than others.  

6. I am loved. And I know it. I am secure in it. If all the material things our society seems to covet fell away and I had to face my tomorrows with nothing but this love I have and those that bestow it, I would be A-Okay.  

So as we edge ever closer to the end of November, I ask you – how does November find you?

Happily Breaking Rules

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Courtesy of NACWE

Happy Monday! We had a beautiful, restful weekend here at Casa Kinsman. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well.

 I’d like to take a moment to announce my new and improved tagline: Keeping the focus on home as a work at home mom.  
I am thankful that after many tagline attempts, I have finally thought of one that allows me to :
A. Tell those who don’t know what WAHM stands for and
 B. that I’m all about my home life. Without it and the wonderful people who share it with me, I would be lost!

Okay, I’m admitting it right here and now:  I did not like the rigidness of writing out my action plan and sharing it. 
Not that I don’t want to share… no, I do so enjoy sharing; it’s just that the act of typing everything out, trying to get the numbers to align here on Blogger (what gives html)? And then doing it all again on Friday was, well, tedious.

Doing this type of post looked oh-so-good on paper and followed the “rules” I’ve been reading from the pro bloggers. But, I hated it, so I’m chucking the whole thing! No more Monday and my plans.

But wait, doesn’t that fly in the face of blog schedules and continuity and flow? Yep, I’m sure it does, but I don’t care. No, really, I don’t care. 
Because I firmly believe in the quote by David Allen in the picture above: “You can do anything, but not everything.”

What a powerful message! Each and every time I over reach, or more to the point, over-think my life, I get stressed, so today and every day I will remember what I can and cannot do. And I will happily break a rule or two along the way if it means peace and harmony and balance.

How about you? Are you happily breaking a rule? Or are you still trying to be super woman doing everything?