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We got our first snow of the season this weekend in the greater Nashville Tennessee area. Some of our neighboring states would scoff at the small amount of winter precipitation we received (2 inches or less), but in our hilly communities, that’s enough to shut us down. 

Getting active in the garden to #WinOverWinter doldrums #ad

Thankfully, my girls hadn’t returned to school from winter break so we were able to get out and enjoy the prettiness Mother Nature provided.  The girls loved walking and playing around in the winter wonderland, snapping photos as they went and a host of them were of me getting active in the garden to win over winter doldrums. 

Getting healthier is a top priority for me and my family this year. We’ve all made a plan to move more by embracing some of our favorite outdoor activities and for me that means more gardening! I don’t want to wait until spring to get out in the fresh air and thankfully, living on acreage means there is always something to do in the garden, no matter the season.  Over the course of the weekend, I bundled up, went outside and found ways to move.

Get Active:

1. I picked up all the sticks and downed branches from a recent storm. As you can see from the photo above, I've got a nice pile started!

Time to fill the birdfeeders again #WinOverWinter #ad

2. I checked on all the bird feeders I have throughout my garden and found, not surprisingly they were all empty again! 

3. I walked down to the pond and back up through the trees across our large yard several times each day. 

Walking in snow is a good workout! #WinOverWinter #ad

I walked and moved a lot and it felt so good being active and outside! But once I got inside each afternoon, boy did I ever feel the chill and little aches and pains of over doing it in the snow and ice! Fortunately, I had just restocked one of my must have winter toolkit products, Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream on my recent shopping trip at Target

Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream to #WinOverWinter @Target #ad

Have you ever tried it?  I'm really happy with the way this product works and I found the light, minty scent refreshing. What’s great about the ultra-strength cream is that it has three pain relieving ingredients, more than any other BENGAY® product. 

Here are some key facts you should know:  

Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream temporarily relieves the minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: simple backache, arthritisstrainsbruises and sprains. For adults and children 12 years and older. Use only as directed.  Please visit to learn more about this product and be sure to follow Target on Facebook for special offers and promotions.

My #WinOverWinter toolkit #ad

After my busy weekend of gardening and communing with nature, it was nice to come inside and warm up with a nice mug of peppermint tea. Having Tylenol 8 hr. and Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream on hand to combat my achy muscles helped me power on through my day and will remain in my winter toolkit

Getting active in the garden is helping me win over winter doldrums and allows me to enjoy curling up with a good book and relaxing all the more. No matter how you and your family get active this winter, be sure to remember to stretch before you start and be fully present in the moment!

Relaxing after a day of gardening #WinOverWinter #ad

Please share in comments: What is your favorite winter outdoor activity? How do you and your family #WinOverWinter doldrums?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TenaTips #CollectiveBias

Just as my husband and I got a handle on the happy, messy, emotional ride that is raising teen daughters, along came another family situation we weren’t quite prepared for: helping take care of our senior loved one.  My mother in law started turning down invitations from friends, she started missing doctor’s appointments, she even stopped wanting to come to our home for holidays and the main cause, we later learned, was occasional incontinence. 

3 ways to help a senior in your life remain active

She never wanted to tell us she was struggling with this, so she remained silent until one day a few months ago, she fell. While she was recovering, she asked us to go shopping for her. She asked for overnight underwear and the look on her face as she did ‒ full of embarrassment ‒ stayed with me. I vowed to find ways to help this wonderful senior remain active and not let incontinence leave her sitting on the sidelines of her life.  

The first way to help a senior loved one is the easiest ‒ simply observe their behavior. Do they seem happy when you visit them or do they look uncomfortable? My mother in law shared with me that when she had to start using pads for unexpected leakage, she feared she may have an odor when we hugged her, or that her home might smell unpleasant because she had placed used product in the trash. 

Thankfully, she had discovered TENA® pads and liners which helped eliminate odor and I suggested she get a slightly larger waste basket for her bathroom and line it with a scented liner. 

#TenaTips to help you remain active

Second, take in their home. Do they have a towel or a pad on their favorite chair or part of the couch? That is a red flag to light bladder leakage or stress incontinence. If you asked to use their bathroom, do they say sure, or do they ask if they can grab something out of there first? I learned that my mother in law didn’t want us to see her pads and overnight underwear, but had to leave them out near the toilet some days.  I found an easy solution to this situation by making her a cute personal hygiene bag that could sit on the back of her toilet, on the side, or on the counter without advertising the contents.

#TenaTips overnight pads fit in a cute bag #ad #CBias

The third way to help your senior remain active is to make sure they always have enough pads, liners and overnight underwear on hand.  Our local CVS carries the full line of TENA® products, so I can just pop in and purchase what my mother in law needs for the week.  

#TenaTips find them easily at CVS #ad #CBias

TENA® is also available online at . You can have them shipped directly to your loved ones’ home.  There are rebates available through Ibotta for pads/liners here and their overnight underwear here. These will be welcome savings  since most seniors are living on a fixed income. 

#TenaTips full line of TENA products at CVS #ad #CBias

Bonus tips for all women 35 and over:

I've learned several helpful things from watching my mother in law's decline in health and I'd love to share her wisdom (and that of her doctors) with you so that we can strive to live life without compromise well into our senior years.

1. Strengthen your core. All movement comes from your core and light bladder leakage may be prevented by having a stronger core. 

2. Do Kegal exercises, but do them correctly. Pelvic floor muscles can be easy to isolate once you know how to do a proper Kegal. The best way to isolate the right muscles is to clench or stop your urine the next time you go. The muscles you use to do this are the very muscles you need to use to do Kegals. Hold those muscles for 3 seconds and release. Do several times a day anywhere.  You can learn more from WebMD here

3. Walk more, sit less. It sounds easy enough, but just standing more often through out the day and taking short 10 to 15 minute walks helps strengthen your muscles, including your core muscles. And it helps with number 4.

4. Lose weight. Losing just 5 pounds of excess weight can help alleviate light bladder issues such as leakage and stress incontinence.

5. Last, but certainly not least, take the time to fully empty your bladder each time you go to the bathroom. Conversely, don't go to the bathroom at the very first hint of needing to go when at home. Allow your bladder to fill up and use the core and pelvic floor muscles. We all know that a muscle at rest tends to weaken, so use them, don't lose them!

It is my hope that this post will help you take that first important step to talk to your parents or grandparents on this delicate topic and let them know that there are great products to help them.  I hope the bonus tips for the 35 and over will help serve as a reminder for all of us women to take better care of ourselves today for a healthier tomorrow.

With a little love, discretion and TENA® products, you can help a senior in your life remain active and enjoy their golden years happily doing the things they love and living life without compromise!

Please share in comments: Do you have a senior in your life that may benefit from this post?