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We’ve finally made it to the end of January, and we can officially start the countdown to spring! With only 48 days of winter left, it’s time for us to start planning our gardens, which is one of my favorite winter activities. If you’ve read my blog or social media posts, you know I love flowers. I’m a cottage garden girl all the way! I lost a few plants last year including one of my oldest Peonies to some sort of infestation, so this book Attracting Beneficial Bugs to your Garden has come at a perfect time for me. I’ve been studying it on chilly winter nights and taking notes during my lunch breaks to better prepare myself for the gardening year ahead. Read on to learn more about gardening bugs (the good and the bad) and enter to win our first giveaway of the year!

Spring Is Coming!

Attracting beneficial bugs to your garden book

Happy Friday! It’s hard for me to believe we’ve already reached the middle of April! It feels like this month is simply zooming when compared to last month. March may have had thirty-one days, but I’m fairly sure we all lived those days twice or something, because March really took a toll on our nation and the world. I’m doing my best to remain hopeful during these trying times and I’ve found that spending time reading and studying the bible for a few minutes in the morning is helping. I received a complimentary Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible from Lev3l Digital to review and host a giveaway. Read on to learn more about this new bible.

Read. Watch. Apply. 

Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible Giveaway #ad