I can’t believe we are in the middle of July already. With the sultry summer days upon us, adding more plants outside may not sound appealing, but these two books can help. The first book, Micro Food Gardening will show you how to plant tiny plants that will grow and thrive in small spaces like windowsills and front porches or stoops. The second book, Tiny Plants, will welcome you into the world of miniature house plants that will thrive in small spaces too. Read on to learn how to enter the giveaway for these two small, but mighty gardening book resources.

Two Books Giveaway!

Micro Food Gardening and Tiny Plants Books

My Thanks to Quarto Knows Publishing for the complimentary books showcased in today's post and for hosting our giveaway.  No other compensation given. All opinions and love of  books are my own. 

About Micro Food Gardening by Jen Mc Guinness:

Micro Food Gardening Book

“Not everyone has room to grow a full-sized tomato plant or a melon vine that takes up more room than your car, but everyone has space for a micro tomato that tops out at the height of a Barbie doll or a dwarf watermelon with vines that won’t grow any longer than your leg. From miniature herbs and salad greens to tiny strawberry plants, baby beets, and mini cabbages, you’ll quickly discover that micro gardening offers a surprisingly diverse and delicious array of edible opportunities. Plus, with step-by-step instructions for a plethora of DIY micro food gardening projects, you’ll be up and growing in no time at all.

Whether you micro garden on a high-rise balcony, an itty- bitty patio, a front porch container, or even in a basket on the handlebars of your bicycle, there are mini food plants ready to start cranking out fresh produce just a few weeks after planting."

Creative projects include:

  • A window box of mini potatoes for a porch, deck, or fire escape railing
  • A mini lettuce table that serves to both grow food and hold your beverage
  • A compact “cake tower” of strawberry plants 
  • A wine box spice garden
  • A mini food fountain with herbs, veggies, and edible flowers
  • A small-space omelet garden for cooking up the perfect breakfast

"Plus, several indoor food-growing projects will have you enjoying homegrown micro veggies year-round, even in cold climates.

With advice on plant selection and care, project plans, full color photography, and growing tips, Micro Food Gardening is here to show you the joys of growing your own fresh, organic food, no matter where you call home.”


My Thoughts:

This book is lovely to flip through and I’ve got lots of cool ideas on projects I can do, like starting a mini stir fry garden that can be hung and grown indoors! I love being able to repurpose items that might normally just sit in a cabinet or be donate, like the cool cake tower for growing strawberry plants. I’m also looking forward to growing some cold weather crops this fall and winter too. 

About Tiny Plants- Discover the joys of growing and collecting itty-bitty houseplants by Leslie F. Halleck:

Tiny Plants Book

“Longing to nurture your houseplant addiction without cramping your space or style? If you can't squeeze another giant leafy friend onto your plant shelf, author Leslie Halleck is here to inform you that tiny is the new BIG! In Tiny Plants, you’ll discover a fascinating array of perfectly petite houseplants you can collect and grow—in a minimal amount of space.

Yes, tiny plants are the ideal solution for plant keepers who don’t have much space, but even if you’ve got all the room in the world, their adorableness is reason alone to grow these mini wonders. These are the eternal puppies, kittens, and babies of the plant world—they never grow out of their cuteness because their genetics keep them itty-bitty for their entire lives.

Beyond a few small succulents, most houseplant parents aren’t aware of the extensive array of tiny plants they can collect and display on windowsills, on tables and desks, and in terrariums."

Prepare for cuteness overload with: 

  • Profiles of dozens of miniature houseplants, including aquatic, carnivorous, flowering, succulent, and tropical varieties
  • Detailed growing information and tips for success
  • A fascinating look at the botany of miniature houseplant varieties
  • Advice on how to stylishly display your tiny plant collection
  • How-to lessons on the basics of propagating mini houseplants to share with friends
  • Details on the best tiny houseplants for terrarium growing

"From the sweet blooms of micro orchids and the soft, smooth texture of lithops, to the frog foot–shaped foliage of the creeping oak fig and the tiny orbs of the string-of-pearls, you'll fall in love with these little curiosities before you can say plant nerd. “

My Thoughts:

Imagine seeing a tiny purple African Violet  happily growing in a delicate teacup sitting on your kitchen windowsill. Or a lovely cactus perched in a small glass repurposed candy dish adding a splash of greenery to your bathroom window. These are the types of dreamy projects you’ll find in Tiny Plants, and I loved reading and discovering new ways to grow and care for tiny houseplants. 


Win It:

Micro Food Gardening and Tiny Plants books giveaway

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