Parenting our girls Then and Now

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This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.  All opinions and total Mom moments are my own.

My laptop has been acting up the last few weeks, which forced me to work on the family desktop computer. She may be a bit of a dinosaur, but she is as reliable as the day is long. As soon as I sat down to work and started downloading needed photos for a campaign, I was swept up in nostalgia and found myself going back down memory lane. My girls have grown and changed so much from the early years of parenting, but their bond remains strong. 


#ad after school playtime then

This is a photo taken of a regular after-school afternoon with my girls. My oldest was in kindergarten and my youngest hadn’t even started pre-k; so every day once big sister was home from school, we would pick a snack and then an after-school activity. Finger painting was in heavy rotation. Those two would talk about their days freely in front of me and I loved listening to them go back and forth. Every once in a while I’d have to step in if there was a disagreement about whose turn it was to use the blue paint, or who accidentally got green paint in the red paint, but mostly I remember enjoying their close sisterly bond and how both of them couldn’t wait to spend time with me! They listened to my ideas and would usually take my advice on most little girl issues.


#ad girls spend afternoon together now

Fast forward to today and my oldest is a sophomore at college and we still wait for her to get home from school. The waits are much longer since she lives on campus and the visits seem to get shorter and shorter. My two girls are still close. Their bond is still strong, but their talks aren’t usually done around our kitchen table anymore. Now they talk later at night over text or Snapchat and Mom is rarely included. I sometimes wonder what they are talking about beyond hair and nails and shoes.  I’m sure relationships are a big part of it and I know these two smart young ladies will be there for each other through it all, but sometimes I wish I could be a part of those late night conversations so I know for sure I’m doing this parenting thing correctly. 

I watched this video and boy did it really hit home!

The video is part of the parenting resources found at Center for Parent and Teen Communication. This center is a new and valuable resource for every parent navigating the teen years.  I loved reading this article by Dr. Ken Ginsburg on what to do if you are feeling challenged by your teen. The key take away is to remember the best in your child and see it in your teen.  That’s exactly what I will do the next time I feel a little out of the loop with my teens. I will remember those days at the kitchen table and how they shared everything including advice.

Please share in comments: What traits can recognize in your teen today from their childhood? 
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