Pretty and Fresh Makeup look with Neutrogena

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Having teen daughters is fun and challenging and oh, so rewarding.  I look at them and see parts of me interspersed here and there with their own unique personalities and styles.  Both daughters got their love of makeup straight from me, but Melissa must have got in that line twice! From a very early age, she has loved playing with makeup. Once we gave her permission to wear makeup, she was in heaven and quickly mastered makeup application and techniques.

Melissa looking pretty and fresh with Neutrogena makeup #ad

Recently, Melissa shared with me how the winter was drying out her skin, especially on her face. When she applied a heavier moisturizer, breakouts would occur. I knew it was time to take her makeup shopping and as luck would have it; I was invited to work on the Neutrogena #NeuYearNeuYou campaign giving us the opportunity to try products made specifically for her concerns, ensuring a pretty and fresh makeup look for her. 

Pretty and fresh makeup look with Neutrogena at Walmart #ad

We headed to our local Walmart in search of Neutrogena Hydro Boost and SkinClearing cosmetics. Our store did not disappoint. They had a large section devoted to Neutrogena.

Finding a foundation that matches Melissa’s fair with neutral undertones complexion can be a challenge with a lot of brands, but she was able to find a great match with Buff 30 in their Hydro Boost selections. The great thing about Neutrogena cosmetics is while they help us look fresh and pretty, they are working to improve your skin. 

Neutrogena says wearing them is actually better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all. That made us both feel confident about her trying a new brand.  Melissa got a blemish concealer from their SkinClearing line in Buff 60.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating lip shine #ad

We both simply loved the colors in Neutrogena’s hydrating lip shine line. Berry Brown 20 was the color of choice for both of us. 

We couldn’t wait to get home so Melissa could test out her new cosmetics.

Pretty and Fresh Makeup look with Neutrogena #ad

I think Melissa looks gorgeous! I especially like how well her skin looks and that beautiful berry brown hydrating lip shine looks so good on her! These Neutrogena products truly compliment her skin tone and her over-all makeup style. 

Pretty and Fresh Makeup look with Neutrogena #ad

I can’t wait to try it myself and their Hydro Boost cosmetics!

Pretty and Fresh Makeup look with Neutrogena #ad

To learn more about these two Neutrogena cosmetic lines, I suggest you visit This link will take you to Neutrogena Hydro Boost collection while this link will take you to their SkinClearing collection.  Why not start your year off with a pretty and fresh makeup look with Neutrogena too?

Please share in comments: Do you change your skincare and cosmetics in each season?
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