Wordless Wednesday: Watering - My WAHM Plan

Wordless Wednesday: Watering

The dog days of summer aren't upon us yet, but things are heating up in the south come July.  Watering is a daily chore that I really don't mind- most days. Happy July, happy gardening readers!

My WAHM Plan: front porch watering #gardening
The watering can peaking out of our front porch railing is a call to action for me.

gardening, south, container, flowers, petunia's
I'll be swapping out Petunia's for Begonia's soon enough.

My WAHM Plan: watering Rosemary
Rosemary likes a a nice cool drink of water.

My WAHM Plan: watering and gardening in the south
Sometimes a light misting on plants and people is in order.

Please share in comments: What are you watering daily? Herbs? Flowers? Tomatoes?


  1. How many times do you do this in a day? I do mine 2x. Morning and late afternoon. I really dont know if I am over doing it or its just right.

  2. Hi Pixiedusk,

    In the heat of summer, I may have to water some plants/flowers twice but usually a good soak in the morning or evening is good enough, but it depends on the plants and the type of soil you are working with.. Thanks for asking and I hope this helps you.

  3. I could do with a light misting right now, it is actually rather hot in the UK for a change


  4. Hi Molly,

    I'll send some rain your way! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love your front porch! I wish we had a porch like that!

  6. Thanks Momfever!

    I'm in the process of cleaning and re-decorating my front porch this week.


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