Wordless Wednesday- Happy Earth Day - My WAHM Plan

Wordless Wednesday- Happy Earth Day

I wrote about our Earth Day movement here, so to honor our beautiful Earth, I thought it only fitting I share a few photos of the beauty in my yard. I hope you enjoy them and will join us in our efforts to make our world a better place.

Iris, blooms, purple, spring, earth day, #garden
Purple Bearded Iris

flowers, planting, bugs, buds, #earthday
Bug on Peony Bud

Lilac, flower, shrub, gardening
Purple Lilac Buds

apple, tree, earthday, gardening,
Apple Tree Blossoms

Please share in comments: What's blooming in your yard this Earth Day?


  1. I LOVE peonies, and they are so hardy. I dug a bush to relocate 2 years ago, and it not only thrived in its new location, but a few grew back in its original spot. I think they are soooo pretty in full bloom. We have a few things coming up in the ground - no flowers at all and nothing that I can really identify. I can see the peony sprouts(?) peeking through the dirt, though. The iris is so pretty!

  2. Hi Yona,

    I love them too. I'm glad you had such good luck relocating yours. I've been thinking of moving one of mine bushes too, so hopefully i'll fair as well.

  3. beautiful, our Spring is not as far along as yours. I love Peonys! so pretty. I have some from my Grandmother's garden and the iris too. such a special plant.

  4. Hi Alison,

    Thank you! I wish I had anything from my Grandmother's garden. How wonderful that you do. :)

  5. Hi Karen,

    Thank you! Happy spring. :)


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