Color of the Month April 2015- Lilac - My WAHM Plan

Color of the Month April 2015- Lilac

Spring might have officially arrived on March 20th, but in my mind spring really arrives when the final threat of a freeze comes and goes. Here in middle Tennessee that's early April. I know it's really spring when my Lilacs bloom! So to honor spring and my dear departed Grandma who always allowed me to play and pick her Lilacs to my hearts content- I give you April's color of the month!

Here's a picture of one of my Lilac Bushes.

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And here's my Pinterest board for the month. I hope you like it and will remember to get out there and smell the beautiful spring blooms around you. Dig in the dirt a little. Laugh in the sun a little. Spring is the time to renew your soul!

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Please share in comments: Do you have Lilac bushes in your yard?


Ginny Marie said...

I love lilacs! We have two bushes in our yards, and the leaves are just starting to come out. We probably won't have lilacs bloom until May. I love their scent, too!

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Ginny Marie.

Seeing the leaves is a good sign that spring is coming. And the scent, one of my favorite scents in the world!

Literary Winner said...

I love Lilacs! They don't bloom for a bit more here in NY and our frost date is usually early May, so Mother's Day is planting day here.

MikiHope said...

No Lilac bushes near me--but today I did notice the daffodils are showing their
pretty yellow flowers and I have seen 2 Robins so far--a sure sign of spring for me.

Liz Mays said...

I've never had lilac bushes before, and that's a shame. I would love to plant one though!

Karen Mortensen said...

Love that color.

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Maggie,

Me too! May will be here before we know it and you'll get yor Lilac blooms.

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Miki,

I love when the Daffodils and Robins show up here too. Spring really is coming to all parts of the US.

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Liz,

I hope you get to palnt a Lilac bush this year. They are pretty self-sufficient .

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Karen,

Me too! Thanks for stopping by. :)