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Are you happy enough? Tens signs you are truly happy

It's the day before the day before Christmas and I am happy about that. I'm happy my daughters are out of school, my husband's work load is winding down, presents are mostly wrapped, greeting cards have all been sent and Christmas cookies are baked and yet... I found myself drawn to this happiness info-graphic. 

Even though I am by my nature a "happy-go-lucky" person; I recognize the need to improve on several of these tips and will be adding them to a list of topics I'd like to cover on the blog next year starting with number 1. 

Finding time for fitness for our family will be a priority. I'm going to spend time over my brief holiday break to think about these ten steps and see what I can do to improve my happiness level. 

10 signs of happiness
Source- used with permission

Please share in comments: Are you happy enough? Are their certain areas you'd like to work on in 2015? 

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  1. Your posts always make me happy!! :) I'm going to try the #1 a bit more next year, hopefully it will make a difference in being extra happy!!

  2. I try to be happy and doing these will make you happy. A smile is the best to give.

  3. I think I got most of them. I have to work on exercise and unplugging more.

  4. I really need to work on number 4, I know I do not get enough sleep. On the whole though I do feel like I am a happy person :).

  5. I love this post. Smiling smiling smiling...

  6. I do most of them on the list. But I don't exercise :(

  7. Hi Jamie,

    Yay! I'm glad my posts make you happy. Let's both try to get extra happy by doing more of number 1!

  8. Hi Tara,

    Our smiles really are the best gift we have !

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Me too. Especially number 1. That's major for me here.

  10. Hi Kathryn,

    Good! If you feel overall you are a happy person, you are correct. Half the battle is our thoughts right?
    I'm with you on getting enough sleep, some nights are better than others here.

  11. Hi Athena,

    So glad this makes you happy!

  12. Hi Allie,

    Ugh, right? None of us exercise enough here either. Blah. But we simply must try to change that in 2015. At least that's how I feel today. :)

  13. I think the hardest one for me on this list is unplugging. Otherwise I feel like I'm a pretty happy person. I'm definitely going to work on unplugging more in 2015.

  14. I definitely do not get enough sleep. I do need to exercise more also.

  15. Hi Cyndi,
    I think unplugging gets harder to do when so many of our everyday communications are handled online.

  16. Hi Nancy,

    Sleep can be very elusive some nights here as well. It's hard to unplug and tell our brains to stop working. Maybe we'll get a handle on it in 2015!

  17. Hi Susan,

    It is so hard to cram everything into our busy days, so we do tend to cut down on sleep; which just makes us less productive the next day right?

  18. I got most too except for unplugging - there is always something else that needs attention. Interesting post!

  19. That's always the case here too, NYC! I go to one room to do something, see another task, do it, then go back to what I was doing etc.

  20. Hi Linda, Its really good to be here on this New Year. I am here via Brittany's page and its indeed a great and informative page to re-visit. This infographic is really informative
    the signs mentioned are really notable
    Yes, as someone said # 10 is indeed wonderful. Smile smile and smile. its indeed a healthy sign. and ha yet another important thing to follow is # 3 Enough Sleep!!
    Thanks for sharing this
    Have a great weekend
    Happy New Year 2015
    ~ Philip


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