Gutzy Gear Party Fun

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Several weeks ago I got an email from Mom Select asking me if I would be interested in hosting a Gutzy Gear party.  A what I wondered aloud. Enter my tween daughter Ms. M, who immediately said,” say yes please! I’ve wanted to show you the commercial for those”.  Thankfully, I was chosen.
Gutzy Gear

Don’t have a tween talking in your ear about Gutzy Gear? From their website:
 Gutzy Gear is a great, new way to express yourself by customizing your back back, sports duffel, messenger bag, and more! Gutzies are cool looking removable patches. Gutzies stick to a Gutzy strap cover that you put wherever you want to go Gutzy! With 56 Gutzies in a series and new Gutzies constantly being introduced, you can collect and trade a world of Gutzies.
Fast forward to Saturday afternoon.  What do you get when you have a group of tween girls, games, snacks and Gutzy Gear?
A fabulously fun afternoon filled with lots of giggles and bonding. It’s amazing what you can learn about your kids and their friends when you sit back in another room and let them be creative.  The girls loved drawing versions of Gutzy Gear patches. Even though we could have played Gutzy Bingo, or a matching game, the drawing was a hit.
 I got to be the “judge” and pick my favorite drawings to see who got to draw their Gutzy patches from the grab bag first. That was a really fun part for me because I loved seeing how creative and talented they were!
After the drawing was done, the girls ripped into the patches but only after a few trades had been made.  They loved how soft the straps were and all of them commented on helpful they were going to be with their heavy backpacks. If you’ve ever hefted your 4th graders backpack, you know their shoulders could use the T.L.C.

Afterwards I served a light snack and much to the girls surprise 2 hours had past and it was time for them to pack up.  
Here is Ms. M's backpack: 

*2/19/13: I have removed the pictures associated with this post due to a large number of visits from websites in foreign countries.*
We had a blast at our Gutzy Gear party and would highly recommend them as a fun, creative activity for a sleep-over, birthday party, or play date. And, Moms- Gutzy Gear isn’t just for girls! They have the boys covered too.  
Head on over to Gutzy Gear and check out their current buy 1 get one get 1 free deal. Also, between now and September 7th, your kids can win 1 of 100 Toys ‘R Us gift cards, worth more than $5000 by showing us how you “go gutzy”. Visit their Facebook page HERE for more details.

Thank you to Mom Select and Gutzy Gear for sending me a home party box to host this party. I was not compensated. All opinions are my own.

Back To School

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Yesterday was the first full day of school for us.

watch out for buses
Watch out for school buses and school zones!

Ms. T and I start our days at 5:35a.m. It is hard to get up that early! No amount of prepping and doing dry runs can truly make you feel happy about greeting the day at this hour. But, we try.  

Ms. T is a good sport.  She sets her own alarm and then actually gets up and turns it off. Not many 8th graders do that. I didn’t. I relied on my parents. Since both of them worked, I could lay there for “just one more minute” knowing one or both of them would rouse me.

As a work at home Mom, I know I am blessed to have the ability to stand in my kitchen each morning, cup of coffee in hand, talking with my girls and husband, helping them be prepared for their day. 

It was and still is the lifestyle choice that works best for our family. I am a work at home Mom- a Hybrid, balancing both, but putting more emphasis on home than on career. Still,  I can see both sides clearly. And can honestly say:  All Moms Work Hard!  No Mom judgments’ here!

As our girls enter 8th and 4th grade this year, I know it’s not going to be all peaches and cream, but I’m trusting in the Lord and a good, solid routine. 
To me, routines are just as important now as they were when my daughters were babies. Sameness when it comes to waking, eating, homework, sleeping;   etc. is a very good thing!

Have your children started back to school yet? If so, what do you add or subtract from your routine during the school months?  Do you have a set routine, or do you wing it?

For me, I add volunteering at both schools, getting together with girlfriends for a quick coffee and going to small business owner meetings. I subtract late night movies.

Here's wishing you and your children a happy, safe, productive school year!

Mobile Mishaps- $ 40 Amazon Gift Card # Giveaway

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I have been saving for a Smartphone (and the data pack needed to thrive with said Smartphone).
 I thought I had a pretty good idea of cost and had even started thinking I just might be looking pretty smart by years end.
While I've been scanning sales and dreaming, I've also been reading and hearing some pretty funny (no wait, sad!) stories about Smartphone deaths. Some by dogs, coffee, kids, toilets, water. I realized I'm going to need to budget for replacement insurance as well, because bad things can happen to good phones!


 Like the time I washed my husband’s cell phone!

 I could have sworn I’d checked all his pockets, but obviously I hadn't. How many pockets are on a pair of cargo shorts I ask you??  I didn’t find it until I was putting that load in the dryer. Oops!

 Thank goodness it wasn’t a Smartphone because replacing one would have cost hundreds of dollars because he wasn’t eligible for an upgrade and we hadn’t opted for replacement Insurance. We didn’t think we'd need it.  When I do get my Smartphone, I will be ready thanks to Asurion.

Check out their Infographic:

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Asurion.

Win It: 

Have you ever washed your phone, or gulp, your hubby’s?  Tell me about your mobile mishap by leaving a comment and then enter the contest using the form below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me for Asurion Influencer Network.  Writing this post enabled me to host this giveaway for you, my readers and receive a gift card for myself. Thank You Asurion.  All opinions are my own.

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