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Think before you Pin It

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I've only been on Pinterest a short time, but I can certainly see the allure of pinning. I usually like and re-pin more than adding my own content.  I allot myself 15 minutes a few days a week so I don't get sucked into the Pinterest vortex.

 I've been seeing alot of chatter online about using Pinterest to marketing your brand/blog/business and while I think of Pinterest as a fun, down time place,  I listened to the Pro's and added a JAFRA board.

Which was promptly copied, or re-pinned by another JAFRA consultant.  Hmm... I did the work, and her business may grow from it?  Well, that doesn't seem right, does it?
 But guess what? She didn't break one single rule.  Nothing I could do about it but learn and move on.

Which got me thinking:

What about Copyrights and plagiarism?  Can I get in trouble for all my likes and re-pins and subsequent sharing on Facebook and Twitter I've been doing? The answer, or at least help in making my own decisions came in the form of a informative blog post about this over at Blogging with Amy.

I love how Amy has her hand on the pulse of the blogging community and freely offers up her opinion and advise.  I highly recommend you follow her blog if you don't already.

If you have questions about this topic, I invite you to read Amy's very helpful post at:

I for one and going to be alot more careful on Pinterest from now on.

Happy Friday!

* 3/8/12: Update:

The legalities of using Pinterest is gaining in popularity around the blogosphere. Here is another very insightful article on this topic written by TJ McCue. 

As special thank you to my blogging buddy Nancy Ortiz at the for sharing this with us on Facebook.

I will continue to update this post and share articles as I read them. If you have an article that you think would be helpful and you'd like for me to incude it here, just contact me.  Thanks!


  1. I follow her blog too (always lots of helpful advice). I agreed with a lot of what she said, and I always double-check pins before re-pinning (ok 98% of the time).

    The big thing is to make sure you're not linking directly to am image that you don't own or have permission to use.

    The worst thing about copyright laws is that it's up to the individual to police it. Most people (especially bloggers) don't have the resources.

    So now I only directly pin things that have the button or if it's been asked of me. I also pin all of my reviews & recipes too.

    I think that was pretty crappy that someone took your pins. Was it just the images, or did the links remain?

  2. Yep, Amy is great with the advise for bloggers. When time permits, I am going to go in and delete pins that didn't have a pin it button available, but keep my likes.
    As for the other JAFRA consultant, she re-pinned it as is so they link back to me, but she could have at least changed the comments I'd taken the time to write. :-)

  3. I also have a posting started about Pinterest. From what I understand, the code gets changed by 'P' and what you think is still linking back to you is changed by 'P'. I need to be sure that's exactly what I read before posting though. 'P' can also use anything you put on their site and make money off it themselves, and they aren't liable for any copyright infringement...the pinner is. 'P' has it written that they are totally absolved, even if they take your image or info and make money off it. Like I said...I'll be rechecking my facts to be sure.

  4. I read Amy's blog too! I try to make sure when I repin that it goes to the actual site, not like google or something.

    for your jafra board...if you are pinning things from YOUR website and someone repins it, it would still send people to YOUR website, so I think it will all work out. :)

  5. Donna,
    I look forward to reading your post about Pinterest!

  6. Hi Tammy,

    I have learned so much from Amy, she rocks!

    I'm going to follow her advise about only re-pinning off sites where I don't know the person only if the have a Pin it button. :-)

  7. I'm not a big pinner but I have been reading more and more about this very topic and it's very interesting. I will be much more careful as to what I put on and what I share. I will also check out the site you were talking about. I love to learn all I can about blogging and social media. I find it all so interesting. Great to find your site on voiceBoks! I'm happily following so I look forward to reading more! Thanks!

  8. So interesting- I can't wait to read Amy's perspective too! Thanks for bringing this up. It's so important that we look into this as we all pin away- :)

  9. So interesting- I can't wait to read Amy's perspective too! Thanks for bringing this up. It's so important that we look into this as we all pin away- :)

  10. I just registered at pinterest last week and until now i am not so familiar in using it. But thanks i stumble at this i have to be careful in pinning an image.

  11. Hi Reyah,

    I'm glad you found this helped you.
    Have a great day!

  12. I've been pinning a lot lately. After reading Amy's post, my eyes were opened to a lot. Going forward I will definitely change the way I pin images to my boards.

  13. Hi Brandi,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.I'm glad you found this post with Amy's information as helpful as I did.
    I am in the process of re-working all my boards. I'll follow you on Pinterest as well as your blog.


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