Spring Cleaning Continues without Spritzes - My WAHM Plan

Spring Cleaning Continues without Spritzes

I've been slowly ( and by slowly I  mean, I'm glad my Mom doesn't live close, slowly) working my way down my Spring Cleaning To Do List.
This is over and above my regular domestic chores, which for today happens to be bathroom duty.  I usually do all the wiping, swiping and scrubbing, turn around and smile at my handy work and my finishing touch: A Spritz of Lysol to make things smell ever cleaner!
After reading this article, I've decided I'll stop all my spritzing and just open up the windows instead.

Please take a moment to read:
Air Fresheners’ Real Impact On Indoor Air Quality Healthy Child Healthy World

I enjoyed my visit at Healthychild.org. It is full of helpful, easy to use tips to help us raise healthy kids.

I especially enjoyed these tips on Cleaning with 5 Basic Tools.  I didn't know Lemon Juice could be a cleaning agent, did you? Read the list and then please come on back and let me know which tool you will use.

Have a great day and remember to Smile! It's the best gift to give and receive!


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