Praising April- No Foolin'

in , , , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Monday, April 01, 2013

It is the first of April, the 91st day of 2013. As I turned my calendars and planners to today's date, I felt a surge of happiness. To me April is a month full of energy. It lights our morning skies and whispers in the breeze... Wake Up.

by Melissa
Courtesy: Melissa K. a.k.a. Ms. M.

Whether that energy comes from the awakening of earth and plants, or the rain and storms full of powerful electricity, I couldn’t say.  
Perhaps the energy comes from the stars being aligned just so: half in Aries, half in Taurus that makes me want to work and clean and live and laugh and make everything and everyone around me happy.  My sun and moon rise in different signs, but April still holds a special power for me.
April is a busy bee type month and I for one am glad it is here. My calendars show a month full of celebrations and activities and work and promise.
Not just here on our 5 acre home place, not just on my blog; both have jam-packed To-Do lists. No, there is energy inside of me as well, an internal cleaning of the house so to speak. 
April is my month to change my thoughts into deeds. Dreams that have lain dormant during the cold winter months can come out of hibernation. 

April calls, it sings to me: Wake Up. Get up. Go. Do. Be.

What does April mean to you?