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Last month, I received a beautifully wrapped spa collection set of Roux newest hair care line, Precious Oils Collection to review. I could tell by the attention to detail of the packaging (complete with tied bow!) that I was in for a treat. Roux didn’t disappoint! They sent me a thick terry robe with matching slippers and three full sized products in a lovely shade of yellow that made me immediately think of lemons, which I love. Imagine my delight when I  opened the products for their sniff test, and they smell delightfully lemony! Read on to for my full review of the complete weightless precious hair care collection.

#ad Review: Roux® Weightless Precious Oils Hair Care Collection

Loving your hair in any season can be tricky, but when the temperatures rise and the great outdoors beckons, our relationship with our hair can become quite complicated. Depending on your hair type you may be trying to control frizz, add volume, combat dryness,  keep your color longer, get your hair to grow,  all why having fun in the sun.  We all search for products to help us fix our most pressing hair concerns so when I was offered the opportunity to try 4 complimentary products I said yes, please! 

Summer Hair Care Products Reviews:

 #ad 4 hair care products to help you love your hair this summer