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Dear Stomach Bug… Thanks

in , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Good Tuesday morning dear readers! I have been wanting to post for several days, but honestly didn’t feel well enough to string coherent sentences together, let along remember to spell check.  I am so happy I woke up feeling great this morning!
I have been recovering from a nasty stomach bug.  My abs still cinch up just thinking about last Monday night… and the better part of Tuesday, when finally the tossing of my cookies portion of this sickness subsided.
 Speaking of abs, you never know how strong ( or not) they are until you are using them while praying you will be able to stop and catch your breath before you pass out! I had that panicky feeling in the wee small hours of Tuesday, but thankfully, blessedly, my best forever friend, my husband was right by my side. 
All week long he and my daughters nursed me back to health. I have been loved and doted upon and simply made to feel treasured and revered in a way that I’ll not soon forget. 
See, I had been feeling just a bit, oh, I don’t know… taken for granted? Okay, a lot a bit!  Like I was just the maid, like my voice didn’t matter, like I was Charlie Brown’s teacher;  all incoherent blah, blah, blahs and nags.
 Don’t forget the nagging. The endless: hang up your coat, rinse your dish, put away the brush, and do your homework, nit-picky stuff.  
Ever felt like that? Sort of resentful that all the drudge and “grunt” work is on your plate? Oh, yeah I had a bad case of the “nobody appreciates what I do around” here-isms! 
Then, I got sick. Really  sick.
Not just a head cold and I can press on sick, but down for the count sick and that’s when my sweet family stepped up, stepped in and showed me by thought and deed that all my hard work is appreciated, that I do matter most assuredly and that yes, they do listen, even if they choose to act like they aren’t sometimes.  
So, thanks stomach bug for laying me low, I needed it! And the 8 pound weight loss? Just another blessing in disguise, although I wouldn’t recommend this particular weight loss method to anyone!

It is always nice receiving feedback on a project you've particpated in. Recently I was invited to take the  PepsiCo Women & Leadership survey. This was a very in depth, thought provoking survey and I was happy to lend my voice.

Here's a recent email I received from SheSpeaks, the company who asked me to participate:

Dear Linda,

Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in our recent PepsiCo Women & Leadership survey. As always, your feedback was incredibly helpful. We had an amazing response to this survey. It shows that female leadership is a hot topic!
What you said:
•71% of women believe that a woman will not win the presidency in 2012
•Most women think the greatest challenge to achieving leadership roles is the perception that women make less effective leaders
•Hillary Clinton was most frequently cited as the most inspirational female global leader, followed by Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey
•The majority of women have no preference between working for a male or female boss
•Women equally rank hard work and the ability to inspire as the most-needed leadership skills, as seen in the chart below
For more information, please visit the PepsiCo WIN site.

Thanks again for participating in this survey. We truly value your feedback and insights.
We look forward to offering you more opportunities to share your voice about products, services and the topics that are most important to you.

The SheSpeaks Team

Do you agree with the findings? Who inspires you?

Blogger and my Milestone

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Friday, May 06, 2011
Today is a great day! It's Friday, the sun is shining, butterflies are landing on my Peonies,  all the people I love in this world are safe and for the most part happy. The Lord is Good and has blessed us with safety and health.


 Sure, we could all use a little more of this and that ( money, time off, new shoes, peace of mind). BUT, this glass - is- half- full lady is counting her blessings and doing a happy dance because of my blessings and this lil' blog that could!

You see, My WAHM Plan has reached a milestone! Sometime in the last 24 hours I got a new follower that put me at 100!! I am so happy and excited and.... what?
 I can't actually see my followers on my blog? I see the magic number on my dashboard, but nothing on my front page. Can everybody else see my followers??

 Arrggh... So off to Blogger help I go, I do all they suggest:
Remove and re-install Followers, clear my cache, rub my stomach and head at the same time... okay I added that one for a bit of levity because according to Blogger help, this has been a HUGE problem for quite some time here in blogger world.

Arrggh... I love my blog, I want her to succeed, so should I move her? Probably.
Will I?
It makes my palms sweaty just thinking about a Move of any kind. House, blog... yuck. Then of course there is the money thing. Free is good for me right now!

Maybe I have overlooked the solution and this snafu will work it's self out. Or maybe I should just use another follower platform!
That might be the ticket because I don't like moving, period!

Do you use something other than Google Friend on your blogger blog? If so, please leave me a comment and I'll check out your link.

If you are my 100th follower, please comment with a link back so I can come say Hi and thank you.

Remember to smile, it makes the world a better place and when you feel you are at the end of your rope, tie another knot!