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A few weeks ago, I got accepted into Storey’s Ambassador program and had the opportunity to make my spring book selections. I chose three titles and today’s post is all about the joy of bird watching from Clare Walker Leslie’s How to Look at a Bird book and because we just enjoyed the unofficial start of summer, I’m sharing Storey’s Splash into Summer Book giveaway!

Open Your Eyes to the joy of Watching and Knowing Birds:

How to Look at a Bird Book

Wordless Wednesday: Birds of a Feather

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Wordless Wednesday Birds of a feather

Wordless Wednesday: Birds of a Feather

Wordless Wednesday: Birds of a Feather

Please share in comments: Have you ever went to your local zoo in November?

Wordless Wednesday- Snow Day

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Getting a true snow day in middle Tennessee is rare. Getting a full week of ice and snow is rarer still. Here are some pretty captures from the weekend when our ice and sleet finally turned to beautiful snow. 

Snow nature, birds, birdbaths, winter scene, serene

snow, birds, Cardinal, winter scene, serene

snow, winter scene, shed, peaceful,

Please share in comments: How much snow has your neighborhood gotten this winter?

Admittedly, there isn’t a whole lot to do in our winter garden, but when the mercury starting rising to a high of 60 yesterday in middle Tennessee, I had to get out there and do something!

I started raking leaves out of the front flower beds again. That was a nice little job, since we have several large pin Oaks and Maple trees in our front yard. Actually, it was a good workout, even though I know I’ll never win the battle of the leaves.  Some of the trees are already showing signs of new growth. 

buds on trees in January #Nashville area

Next, I swept the front porch and noticed some new growth coming up in my succulent. I never over winter this plant, she prefers to live year round on the front porch. She’ll be stunning by April again.

new growth in succulent planter

Since I had out the broom, I cleared the corner of the flower bed that the rake never works in and swept the walkway.   I know this is another thankless task as the leaves are just going to blow over it again and right back into my flower beds, but it made me feel good knowing I’d done it.

swept walkway

After I’d raked and swept up, I had played a nice round of pick up sticks. Some I walked to the burn pile, some I dragged, but I got them there, working up a nice, healthy sweat along the way and loving the feel of the warm sunshine on my face. 

I couldn’t help but notice on my many trips back and forth to a centralized spot in our vast back yard known as the burn pile, that our hedge line was teaming with birds.  I tried to capture the birds playing, but after a few failed attempts, I gave up stalking them and just stood and admired their beauty. It didn’t take much of a walk along the fence line to find the bird’s lunch spot.

berries for birds

A few steps more and I was at our pond, which had lots of air bubbles on the top, letting me know our frog population hasn’t diminished by much in winter.

our pond in January

Standing there feeling the sun on my face, the wind lightly blowing through the trees and bushes, the birds chatting at the berries, all was right in my world. This gardening ladies soul saw and felt the New Year in the best possible way. 

I knew I might be tempting fate, because the weather man assured us our warm weather wouldn’t last, but as I walked past the corner where my heirloom Iris’ bed is, I took a peak to see if there was any signs of life- and sure enough, there was Iris fronds staring back at me.

Iris fronds in January

My stomach growled, letting me know my gardening time was done, so I stood up and  headed back towards my beautiful, perfectly imperfect red ranch house content.

Please share in comments:

How does your January garden look? What planting region do you live in? We are in a nice, temperate 7. Don’t know your planting zone? Reading my post here can help you find out. And hang in there, spring begins in just 58 days!