Thanks to my sponsor, BrylaneHome, for supplying a free Deep dish Lasagna/Roaster pan to help me write this post today. My love of cooking a family style dinner and my opinions are 100% my own.

Even though it’s officially still summer, we got a much needed break from the heat and humidity last week in the form of glorious rain. This rainy day was the perfect time for me to try out my new deep dish Lasagna/Roaster pan from Brylane Home.

Stainless steel deep dish Lasagna Pan/Roaster #BrylaneHome

I didn’t have the needed time or ingredients to make my homemade sauce for Lasagna, so I opted instead to make a family favorite- my Sunday Roast Chicken. I couldn’t wait to give this Stainless Steel beauty of a pan a try.

I really like that this set comes with a removable footed rack for roasting and look how deep it is! Four inches deep insures you won’t have any bubble overs and allows you plenty of room to make a large family style meal.  The plastic lid and heavy duty spatula make this a perfect set for community functions and family events too.  Just cook, cover and go.

I lightly oiled the rack and sides of the pan to start. Then I lined up my veggies on the rack. The veggies stayed in place nicely on the rack.

Roaster rack lined with carrots,onions,parsnips #BrylaneHome

I could have easily doubled this recipe to feed a family of 8 to 10, that’s how big this pan is!

Next, I seasoned my chicken and veggies, added some aromatic herbs and was ready for the true test of any RoasterHow well and evenly does it cook?

Sunday Chicken Dinner ready to go in oven #BrylaneHome

The house was full of the heavenly scent of my Sunday Roast Chicken and my family kept visiting the kitchen to ask when dinner would be done.  After a final check of my chicken’s temperature and a quick fork check of the veggies, I am happy to report that the BrylaneHome Deep Dish Lasagna/Roaster pan performed perfectly! 

Cooking time was the same as my other Roaster at one and half hours and the chicken turned out moist and tender, while the veggies were done just the way my family likes them.

Doesn’t this look good? I’ll be sharing my Sunday Roast Chicken recipe soon!

Perfect Sunday Chicken from BrylaneHome #Roaster #dinner

Our Sunday dinner was a success and now that fall’s cooler temperatures are drawing near, I’m sure I will be putting my new deep dish roaster/pan to good use. My family has already said they can’t wait for a deep dish version of my Lasagna.

 If you are in the mood to start fall cooking again and need a good deep dish pan, I invite you to check out the deep dish Lasagna/Roaster pan from Brylane Home which is currently on sale. While there, be sure to request a catalog

Please share in comments: What is your favorite fall  dinner recipe?