Has Earth Day snuck up on you this year too? I feel like I blinked and we were in mid April already! Earth Day is on Saturday April 20th, so I wanted to share more information about the fun and free Earth Day Festival happening at Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee for local readers and a link to help you quickly find a free event near you as well.

 Celebrate Earth Day this Saturday April 20, 2024!

Celebrate Earth Day in Nashville TN.

I'm using a compelation of photos provided for sharing from gallaries at EarthDay.org and NashvilleEarthday.org in today's post. Thank you.

If you’re in the Nashville area, or would like to take a day trip here, the upcoming Earth Day festival is a great time to visit. The festival starts at 11am at the Centennial Park Bandstand and runs all day until 5pm with loads of free family activities. 

Each year this festival brings us together to celebrate Earth! If you want to help support sustainable small businesses while being inspired to make small but impactful environmental changes, then this is the place for you. 

According to their website: Nashville Earth Day will feature engaging & educational activities from a variety of exhibitors and vendors, including: local growers & makers, nonprofits, sustainable small businesses, and state/metro government agencies.”

Here’s a map provided on the Nashville Earth Day site, which does suggest you walk, bike, or take public transportation to the park. 

Centennial Park Festival Map 2024

Tree giveaway at Centennial Park

Free Tree Giveaway Courtesy of Nashville Earth Day

Activities Include:

  • Free Tree Giveaway
  • Earth Talk Speakers
  • Vendors & Exhibitors
  • Local Food & Drink
  • Kid Activities
  • EV Car Show
  • Yoga Fun
  • Live Music

Live Music at Eath Day Festival
Live Music Courtesy of Nashville Earth Day

This Years Earth Day Theme is Planet vs. Plastics: 

Earth Day 2024 Theme Planet vs Plastics
Courtesy of Earthday.Org

Join us in the 60X40 movement, which is a 60% reduction of plastic production by 2024.

Take their quizzes here to test your knowledge on microplastics. An example of what you’ll learn is that on average an adult will ingest a credit card size amount of plastic annually. 

There’s also quizzes on climate & emissions on the same page that are full of interesting stats, along with quizzes on  Conservation & Restoration. 

How I’m cutting back on Plastics:

I’m educating myself on sneaky plastics, and doing my best to eliminate single use plastics like sandwich bags, plastic water bottles, big laundry detergent bottles and more. I’m still a big proponent for recycling and reusing items when possible 

Ways To Get Involved:

If you’d like to attend a festival like the one being held in Nashville, go to the Take Action page on EarthDay.org where you’ll find ways to plug in under the Find an Event Near You tab. You can do like I did and join the Great Global Clean Up, sign the Global Plastics Treaty and Reject Fast Fashion, (which falls under the reduce, reuse, recycle umbrella I’ve shared on previous earth day coverage posts here on the blog. )


The Takeaway:

I hope this post has inspired you to get involved on this Earth Day locally and globally to help us clean up and fix our planet, because there is no planet B option. If you ae in the Nashville area, I hope to see you at Centennal Park on Saturday.

Please share in comments:  Is there an earth day festival near you?

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