I’ve been spending more time offline this month to refresh and recharge my creativity and I feel like it’s helped tremendously. I have lots of fresh new content ideas I can’t wait to share with you, starting with this tasty post on how to create an Italian Charcuterie board that’s perfect for summer meals. 

Italian Charcuterie Board That's Perfect for Summer Meals!

Italian Charcuterie Board That's Perfect for Summer Meals

My thanks to Rovagnati for sponsoring today’s post. I received complimentary products for review and to share in this post. All opinions are my own.

I have wanted to dive into the world of Charcuterie boards for many months now. Still, with each new Pinterest share or Reels I watched, I became intimidated by the beautiful and somewhat unattainable scope of some of the boards out there. That all changed when I was asked if I’d like to try the Italian Charcuterie line of products from Rovagnati, My mouth watered as I thought of the delightful tastes of their Salame’s, Soppressata, and more, so I happily agreed to try their products for my first official charcuterie board.

Rovagnati logo
Courtesy: Rovagnati 

Rovagnati is a family-owned business that got its start in Milan, Italy in 1943 by Paulo Rovagnati. According to their website, Paulo’s passion for quality and genuine products has led his family business to become one of the most trustworthy and recognized food companies in Italy and now, the United States with their plant and headquarters based in New York. 

Rovagnati Italian Charcuterie Line:

Rovagnati Italian Charcuterie Line

If you love Salami and other tasty Italian meats, prepare to drool, because the Italian Charcuterie lines are a pre-sliced salami trio of Salame Milano, Hot Soppressata, and Salame Napoli.

Hot Soppressata, and Salame Napoli.

The kind folks at Rovagnati sent us some Prosciutto Crudo and Mortadella as well and my husband was thrilled and couldn’t wait to try them all, so we decided to jump right in on this fun and tasty endeavor. Here’s what we did. 

Creating an Italian Charcuterie Board- Step One: Shop at Home First:

I shopped at my home first to see what I might need from the store. I was pleasantly surprised to see we had most of the items needed on hand. I do think social media and food shows make us think everything has to be perfect, but  I’m here to debunk that sentiment and instead suggest we all choose to believe that “ La semplicit√† √® l'ultima sofisticazione”  which means” simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. 

Step Two- Make your Shopping List: 

My Charcuterie Board before filled

I picked up some berries, tomatoes on the vine in case my homegrown ones weren’t enough, sliced cheese and a cracker assortment, and a bottle of red wine. I had researched what an Italian Charcuterie Board usually has and felt good about my choices. No stress at all!  I even used a beautiful serving board I had on hand, rather than trying to find the perfect charcuterie board quickly. 

Step Three- Start Prepping Ingredients:

berries, tomatoes, cheese

Now’s the time to wash and dry your berries and tomatoes. Since I opted to use our medium sized board, I had plenty of homegrown cherry tomatoes to use. I cut the white cheddar into triangles since the smoked Gouda was in squares, so people could tell them apart.

I grabbed some cute serving bowls to serve the berries and the olive mix in. Next, I opened the crackers for easy access and then, I opened the salami. Yes, of course, I sampled a piece right then and there. You should do the same. 

Step Four- Start Placing Items on the Charcuterie Board:

I want to remind you that this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. The very act of serving an Italian Charcuterie is to get the host and hostess out of the kitchen as quickly as possible, so they can spend quality time with family and friends. I enjoyed playing around with the placement of my heart serving bowls, crackers, and tomatoes. 

place serving bowls on board

Step Five- Fold, Flower and place the Salami: 

I was excited to try this! I’ve seen so many videos of fancy florets, flowers, and folds I thought I knew just how to do it. My folds and flowers weren’t quite “pro level”, but I was having fun and enjoying the process. Did my tomatoes roll off the board? Yes! Did I have to refold a rogue piece of salami? Yes!, but since I’d let go of this idea of perfection, I truly enjoyed the process. 

Step Six- Serve and Enjoy your Italian Charcuterie Board:

Serve and Enjoy your Italian Charcuterie Board

Calling my family to a meal is one of my favorite things in life. We ate from the Charcuterie Board for lunch and again at dinner, which was perfect for summer meals.

If I’ve made you hungry and ready to make your own Italian Charcuterie Board, head to Rovagnati.com to learn more about their brands and where you can purchase them. I saw some items available at my local Kroger. 

Please share in comments: Have you ever made an Italian Charcuterie Board?

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