Happy 2023 dear readers! I hope this finds you well rested after the holidays. I’ve been seeing oodles of January decluttering challenges online, but mine is going to be a little different. Since I chose DECLUTTER as my word of the year, I wanted to spend more time on this, so I’m going to be doing a year long decluttering series with weekly and monthly prompts. I’m doing this in an effort to remove physical,mental,and emotional clutter from my life, especially since we’ve lived in the same house for 15+ years. I hope you will join me. 

Week One: Organize and Store Holiday Decor!

Organize and store Holiday Decor

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I know there are some of you that take down the tree and put away all holiday decor the day after Christmas. If you fall into this group, please don’t roll your eyes and judge us holiday loving souls that keep up our tree and decorations until the first weekend in January. I have started putting up smaller pieces and that's when I discovered I needed to update how I was storing some pieces. Thank goodness for after Christmas sales!  I found great deals at Walmart. You can shop all these products easily at my LTK shop.  You can find all the products I love and brands I collaborate with at my Shop tab

Hold N Storage Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Lid: 

Hold n Storage Christmas Ornament Box

How cute is this gray and white snowflake box? I love when organizing can be pretty too. This box has customizable compartments so it can hold different sized ornaments, up to 64 in total. I like that you can easily identify this as holiday decor without a label. 

Sterilite InfraRed Adjustable Ornament Case:

Sterilite Infrared Adjustable Ornament storage case

If you’ve got lots of keepsake ornaments like I do, you should make the switch from the cardboard boxes they came in and upgrade to this ornament case. You won’t have to worry about breakage or damage. Just wrap ornaments in paper, and store. Holds 32 ornaments. 

Sterilite Clear 6 quart Storage Boxes: 

Sterilite Clear 6 quart Storage Boxes

I can’t sing the praises of this clear storage container enough! I use these all year, and in multiple places in my home, so buying a 10 pack while on sale makes sense. For this decluttering week, I’ll be using them to store name tags, greeting cards and homemade ornaments. 

storageLAB Under Bed Fabric Storage Containers:

storageLAB Under Bed Fabric Storage Containers

Here’s another product that helps with decluttering and storage needs all year, but is needed especially after Christmas because you may have received new clothes, linens etc. These storage containers come in a two pack and  are roomy enough to hold adult sized sweaters, out of season bedding, special holiday blankets and more. 

StorageWorks Collapsible Fabric Bin with Lid:

StorageWorks Collapsible Fabric Bin with Lid:

This handy three pack of collapsible storage bins is the perfect option for storing and organizing lights, cords, projector lights and more. You can use them up with or without handles and because they can be collapsed, they will fit on a variety of shelves. Think garage, spare bedroom closet, linen closet, under sinks.  

IRIS USA, Holiday Craft Storage Box:

IRIS USA, Holiday Craft Storage Box

Do you and your family enjoy doing holiday crafts? My family and I sure do. The universal problem is where to store all of the holiday centric craft supplies and half finished projects until next year. This large, clear storage box can handle everything from Christmas fabric, to Washi tape.

mDesign Square Gift Wrap and Ornament Storage Box with Lid:

mDesign Square Gift Wrap and Ornament Storage Box with Lid

Here’s another cute storage option in Buffalo Plaid, which is going to look so chic on my closet shelves. This box is perfect for extra bows, garlands, ribbons and more. As a matter of fact, I’m grabbing two of these, so I’ll have one for gift wrapping throughout the year. 

Mrrihand Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Adjustable Dividers:

Mrrihand Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Adjustable Dividers

When you need extra storage and a tearproof storage box for the attic or basement, you can’t beat this beauty from Mrrihand! It can hold up to 128 ornaments, has a sturdy zipper and tear proof material that can be wiped down before bringing it back inside next season. 

Simplify Holiday Gift Wrap Storage Tote:

Simplify Holiday Gift Wrap Storage Tote

Last, but certainly not least is one of my all time favorite holiday storage products. This storage tote is like a one stop wrapping center. It can hold large rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, gift tags, tape, scissors and tissue paper. Just add your items, zip it up, grab the handles and slide it under the bed, or put it up on a high shelf until next Christmas.

I hope you’ve discovered a product or two that will help you organize, declutter and store away your holiday decor more efficiently this year. 

What’s the Next Decluttering Prompt?

January Decluttering Calendar Prompts

Next week we’ll deep clean and organize the kitchen. Feel free to save the calendar image above so you can join me this month. I’ll make a new decluttering and organizing calendar for each month of 2023 and post them here the first week of the month. You’ll find all my cleaning and organizing tips under the Cleaning tab

Please shae in comments: What decluttering prompt are you most looking forward to? 

* All photos used with permission from my LTK shop.

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