The dog days of summer are upon us and there is no denying that it has been a crazy hot summer! The south is so hot and humid right now, there isn’t a lot of relief from it, which means I can and will break out in a sweat doing anything outside and hey, since we’re buddies, I can break a good sweat inside cleaning as well some days. The one thing that’s a constant in this weather (besides sweat) is sunscreen, which after multiple days of application, clog my pores and give my skin an overall dullness. Read on to learn about a line of bath and body products to help clear up summer breakouts and more. 

Bath and Body Products you need this Summer!

BIA Skin bath and body products

My thanks to BIA Skin for the complimentary bath and body products showcased in today’s post. All opinions and love of clear skin are my own. I am using affiliate links in today’s post, which means I may earn a small commission should you make a purchase. Thank you. 

About BIA Skin: Clinical body care, but strong, like You: 

I’ve enjoyed getting to know more about this female founded and operated brand by visiting their website and scrolling through their Instagram. I really like their mission to improve the lives of women around the world by contributing 2% of their online revenue. Their products are clean-ical beauty, meaning it’s crafted for maximum efficacy without toxic ingredients! 


I also really like all the body positive messages on the socials, more on that in a moment. While on their website, I learned that Bia Skin products contain clinical grade active ingredients typically only found in skincare for the face. These ingredients work to clear up skin woes on the body like blemishes, clogged pores, bumps, dull skin, ingrown hairs, all while tightening, toning and reversing the signs of aging. Plus, BIA Skin care lines can help protect our bodies from environmental stressors like pollution.  


I received the BIA Skin Body Method Box for normal to oily skin, which was actually, perfect for me. The box contained four products, which you use in steps, so you can glow from head to toe. Here’s the products in the order you should use them. They have boxes for all skin types and concerns, so your box may contain different products than I’m sharing.  

Step One- Cleanse: 

BIA Skin charcoal cleanser

What’s in it and what it does: 

The BIA Skin charcoal cleanser is a gentle foam with salicylic acid, tea tree oil and charcoal which removes oil and buildup and helps prevent and treat blemishes.  


My thoughts: 


The BIA Skin charcoal cleanser has a very light, clean, woodsy scent I attribute to the tea tree oil. I love that a little goes a long way with this cleanser. Just get wet, squeeze a quarter size amount in your hand and gently massage it into a lather. I really like how invigorating the scent is in the morning. It’s a pleasant clean-woodsy scent, which I attribute to the tea tree oil.  

Step Two- Exfoliate: 

BIA Skin body polish

What’s in it and what it does: 


BIA Skin body polish with glycolic acid is a double action exfoliator. The glycolic acid penetrates our skin to renew, exfoliate and loosen dead skin cells while sand derived silica beads gently sweep it all away.  

My Thoughts: 

I have a small batch of bumps on the back of my arms I attribute to sunscreen use. Thankfully, it’s not an itchy, irritated patch like some Keratosis Pilaris spots can be. As a matter of fact, the founder, Natasha Ingram has had KP since she was a child and it was one of the defining reasons BIA Skin was started!  

Again, you only need a small amount of this exfoliator to feel and see results. I rub a small amount on my arms before I get in the shower. It is ever so slightly scented and works well! It even exfoliates the dead skin off my fingers. 

Step Three-Treat: 

BIA Skin exfoliating treatment mist

What’s in it and what it does: 

The BIA Skin exfoliating treatment mist is a clinical grade age-defying exfoliating treatment. The mists active ingredients are hyaluronic acid to moisturize and allantoin to soothe and calm.  

My Thoughts: 

This product is a novel one for me because I usually don’t purchase mist treatments. I’ve found that I like using a little after my shower. Since it has no fragrance, and has a smooth, silky feel on my skin when it dries, I’ve started using a little mist on bumps I spot at night when I do my other skincare routine.  

Step Four- Moisturize: 

BIA Skin whipped body crème

 What’s in it and what it does: 


I saved the best for last, because I am in love with BIA Skin whipped body crème. This crème is packed with fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, shea butter to soothe and nourish our skin. Plus, mic and caffeine gently tone the look of our skin. 


My Thoughts:  

I am a lotion and body crème user, so when I say this is the best crème I’ve used in a long time, I really do mean it. Again, a little goes a long way. I just dip my fingers in and massage this crème all over my body, including my neck, after my shower. The left-over crème on my hands helps moisture my hands and cuticles. It stays on my hands after two hand washes too.  

The Takeaway: 

If you are looking for a new line of bath and body products to help clear up summer breakouts and more, I invite you to learn more about BIA Skin by visiting their website here and by following them on Instagram. While at their site, be sure to shop the summer sale where you can save 15% using code: SUMMER15 at checkout. Want to see more bath and body products? Read more here on my blog.  


Please share in comments: Which of these four products do you need the most? 



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