Recently, I started using coconut oil as part of my hand and nail care routine after receiving a big container of it from Viva Naturals, along with their MCT oil, which I wrote about here. I’ve used coconut oil in the kitchen for years, but for some reason, I hadn’t ventured into adding it to my self-care routine, but after seeing and feeling the moisturizing results of just a bit of this delightfully scented coconut oil on my hands and cuticles, I wanted to find more uses. Today, I’m sharing four ways to use coconut oil in your self-care routine, so you can enjoy a little TLC at home as well. 

Add Coconut Oil to your Self-Care Routine:

Coconut oil for self-care

My thanks to Viva Naturals for the complimentary product highlighted in today’s post. I’m using affiliate links in this post and may receive compensation should you choose to make a purchase. Thank you. All opinions are my own. You can learn more about this brand in my introductory post here.

First: Split end treatment:

Coconut oil is really easy to work with since it reacts to the warmth of your hands fairly quickly. For my self-care day, I just took a small fingertip amount of coconut oil, rubbed my hands together to melt the oil, and then rubbed it into the ends of my hair for a quick split end treatment. I let it sit for 3 minutes, and then I brushed my hair, starting with the last third of my hair, and then I brushed the top part of my head to add oil to my scalp. Brushing it in helps the oil penetrate the hair cuticle. 

Second: Scalp and hair mask:

By brushing this small amount of coconut oil into my scalp I was not only getting rid of any dry patches on my scalp, but I was also assisting my hair to become healthier, which can make my hair grow longer and stronger! I love having long, fine hair, so I have to be mindful of the amount and type of products I use on my hair, so I loved finding a gentle, all-natural scalp and hair mask. If your hair is dry now entering the super drying, summer season, you can do a 20-30 minute hair and scalp mask to get your hair in peak condition. 

Organic coconut oil for self-care

Third: Dry or cracked heal treatment:

Okay, this one may be a little TMI, but I suffer from dry heels almost year-round. I’ve tried several foot creams on the market, at many price points and I’ve found they all help somewhat, but never really get rid of all my dry skin.  The main problem is I love being barefoot, and have been known to walk outside to do a quick task without shoes, so my feet stay dry. Enter, the oh-so-versatile coconut oil! Why have I never tried this before is beyond me! Again, I started with a dab of coconut oil, rubbed it into my palms, and then rubbed it into my heels until absorbed. I put on a pair of footies to walk around the house all day. When I took my forties off that night, I could feel the difference that little bit of coconut oil made, and will be adding a weekly overnight treatment to my self-care routine to see if I can combat my dry cracked heals this season. 

plastic spatula in coconut oil

Fourth: Hand, Cuticle, Nail Nourishment:

The need to moisturize my hands is ever-present because I do a lot of household chores without wearing protective gloves. Yes, I know I should be wearing gloves to do daily dishes while cleaning bathrooms, etc. but for some reason, I dislike the feel of having gloves on while doing chores involving water, so I find myself putting on lotion multiple times a day. Honestly, even if the lotion is highly emollient, it can’t replenish all the moisture I’ve lost, so I’m thankful I’ve got a big container of coconut oil just for self-care now. I take just a little bit in my fingers and rub it into my hands just like it’s a lotion or a cream. The fatty acids in the coconut oil moisturize beyond the surface layer of the skin and make my cuticles nice and soft as well. I do a nightly hand, cuticle, and nail nourishment while watching one of our favorite shows. 

Bonus Tip: Coconut oil is good for Cats:

Fiona our cat

If you are a cat owner, your cat may be attracted to the scent of the coconut oil and lick your hands like my cat Fiona did! I had to do a quick Google search to make sure it was safe for her to ingest coconut oil and yes it is. It’s good for your cats' skin and may help relieve hairballs when given in small amounts. Please check with your vet first, because every cat is as unique as their humans. 

Shop and Save on Organic Coconut Oil Products:

Organic Coconut products

There you have it, my four ways to use coconut oil in your self-care routine. If you would like to try the Viva Naturals coconut oil I’ve showcased in today’s post, and learn more about all their good for you products, visit their website here.  You can save 15% while shopping with Viva Naturals by using my affiliate code: AFFILIATE15 at checkout. 

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Please share in the comments: Which of these four self-care tips will you add to your day?

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