Last month I had the opportunity to try and new to me soup company and I’m still eating and loving their soups.  I've been raving about them on my socials, so naturally, I wanted to share this amazing soup with you here on the blog. I know there are lots of busy Moms here with younger kids and tight schedules, who more often than not, eat a quick bite here and there. Today, I’d like to offer you a way to upgrade your at home lunch with a healthy, heat and eat bagged soup. It is a game changer!

Lunch is Served!

Soup and sliders for lunch

My thanks to The Good Stock Soup Company for the complimentary soups highlighted in today's post. No other compensation given. All opinions are my own.

This lunch is two ham and cheese sliders paired with Clean Green Machine soup from Good Stock Soup Company.  It is one of THE best soups I’ve tasted in a long time. Yes, it is good for you since it’s made with kale, broccoli, coconut milk, onions, garlic, and kosher salt, so you’re its green juice that tastes good! I added the sliders for a bit of protein to help power me through my day, but the soup on it’s own is filling. I had lunch ready in less than 20 minutes, so it was super easy to fit it into my lunch break.

About Good Stock Soup Company:

Bags of soup from Good Stock Soup Company

According to the Good Stock Soup Company’s website, “We’re a modern soup company that does things the old-fashioned way. We select high quality vegetables, herbs, and meat from high quality farms. We cook those ingredients with skill, precision, and heart. Cooking the right way means we never use artificial ingredients or artificial preservatives. Only the good stuff goes into our soups, and only the good stuff goes to our customers.” 

How They Got their start:


“Good Stock launched in the fall of 2014 at Smorgasburg, New York City’s premier outdoor food festival. Word quickly spread about the new soup in town, so we launched a home delivery business to satisfy our friends, and our friends’ friends. We then created our catering business, before we launched our first retail experience, a weekly pop-up at West Elm Dumbo in the fall of 2015. Our first permanent soup shop came one year later when we opened at Urbanspace Vanderbilt in Midtown. We opened our second store just two months later on Carmine Street in the West Village. We then realized all of America deserves and needs better soup, so we launched Stock Up in 2019 to ship our soup across the country.

I loved learning that they got their start at a food festival! My family and I love attending food festivals and would have definately tried this soup! I'm hopeful that we'll see more food festivals coming back this srping and summer. If you know of one, please let me know in comments so I can check out the lineup of food vendors in your area. 

Get made from scratch, healthy soups shipped to you:

What took them hours to make, we get to enjoy in just minutes. When you shop at Good Stock Soup Company, you can build your own soup box of 6, 9, or 12 soup varieties. Each box will arrive with your frozen bags of soup. You just defrost (either on the counter, or in a bowl of tepid water for a few minutes), heat and eat! There are so many yummy soup flavors to choose from like:

  • Lemony Chicken & Rice
  • White Bean Kale & Sausage
  • Chicken & Vegetable
  • Broccoli & Cheddar
  • Carrot & Ginger
  • Lentil
  • Loaded Potato
  • Roasted Mushroom
  • Roasted Tomato
  • Roasted Onion
  • Clean Green Machine

Tasty bowl of Clean Green Machine Soup

I’ll keep their Clean Green Machine soup in stock because it is just that good and it makes me feel good when I eat it. I have more energy and I stay fuller longer, which is a total win for this busy work at home Mom.


If you’d like to check out The Good Stock Soup Company and order some of their tasty soups, please visit them at their website here. While there, scroll to the bottom of the home page and sign up for the Soup Troop Scoop newsletter with your email and you can save 10% on your first order.


I hope this post has inspired you to upgrade your at home lunch with a healthy, heat and eat bagged soup from The Good Stock Company. If you’d like more lunch ideas, just visit my lunch other recipe ideas here on blog. Please take a moment to follow me on socials too. Just click the icons at the top of the page.


Here’s to healthy lunch options this spring!


Please share in comments: Which soup you try first?


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