My husband and I have bought our fair share of toys over the years, and most of them are girl themed since we have two daughters, with the exception of the toys we get for our extended family which is full of boys. Recently, I was asked if I’d like to review a trio of NSI toys and I happily agreed. While these  toys aren’t gender specific, I do get a boy vibe from them. No matter who you’re shopping for though, I think these three hands on toys can provide fun indoor and outdoor play.

Hands on Fun!

Three hands on toys for fun indoor and outdoor play

This is a sponsored post on behalf of NSI Toys. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional items to thank me for my participation.

Toy One:

All-Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback

All-Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback- Hut, Hut, Hike! Whether your football player wants to go short, long, or somewhere in between, the Passer Pro Quarterback has it covered and delivers the perfect throw. According to their website, the All-Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback is the most accurate quarterback on earth because it’s programmed with the skill, timing, and accuracy of a pro quarterback. Some of the other cool key features of this toy are:


  • Launches the ball over 25 yards
  • Throws a perfect spiral every time
  • 9 different passing zones so you practice hundreds of plays
  • Several playing modes: One on One, three on three, or practice catching on your own
  • Good for ages 8+

My Thoughts:


With lots of nephews on our gifting list, my husband and I were eager to try out this toy.  We set it up outside on the only non-rainy day we’d had in a while to give it a whirl. It was easy to set up with just a screwdriver a quick reading of the directions. Please note- this comes with it’s own football, but doesn’t come with batteries, so you’ll need to pick up 4 “C” (1.5V) batteries to include with this toy if you don’t already have them on hand.


We ran a few successful short plays and even attempted a 25-yard pass, but the wind proved too strong and kept taking it off course. I think given enough time and lack of strong winds, we would have completed several passes and my husband would have got his touchdown. It does take a bit to get the machine pumped back up in between passes, and then pick your play route, so the players will have to have a little patience and if playing with more than one person, perhaps take turns who’s manning the machine.


The Takeaway:

Overall, we really liked this toy and would recommend it. There is a bit of a learning curve, so if purchasing for a younger tween, I’d suggest helping them with set up and run a few plays with them until they get the hang of it. At $49.99 it’s an affordable toy option for the football enthusiast on your gift list. Shop for toy one here

Toy Two:

SpyBots Roboear

SpyBots Roboear- The toy that let’s you be a real spy!

Not only is Roboear is the ultimate audio-surveillance robot, it’s also a great STEM toy for the younger kids (6+). To work Roboear, simply detach his backpack speaker and insert the included earbud. Then place your robot anywhere, and he’ll transmit back to you whatever he hears. Listen to what’s going on downstairs when you’re upstairs, or outside, while you’re inside. Or strategically station Roboear so no one can sneak up on you because you can hear them coming, Roboear can transmit from up to 100 feet away making it the perfect indoor or outdoor toy!


Key Features of the Roboear:

  • Station Roboear anywhere you want to patrol
  • Roboear’s detachable backpack becomes your listening device.
  • Listen to conversations from up to 100 feet away
  • Be a real-life spy
  • Includes 3 replaceable LR44 button cell batteries
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


My Thoughts:


This is a really cute toy that works well. I think any young child will love playing spy with it.  As long as everyone in the family knows there’s a listening device in range, I can see hours and hours of good-natured fun taking place. The Roboear does roll around on surfaces, so you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t take a tumble off a table or down the stairs. Parents, you’ll have to purchase 3 AAA batteries for this toy too and you’ll need a small number 1 head Phillips screwdriver to get to the battery compartment.


The Takeaway:


The Roboear is a good starter spybot toy for the younger kids to have hours of fun with. It’s affordable too at just $19,99, so you can feel comfortable letting the kids take it outside, to the park, or on sleep overs to share with their friends. Shop for toy two here.

Toy Three:

Super Wubble Ball

Super Wubble Ball 2 pack:


Meet the new Wubble, the toy that looks like a bubble, but plays like a ball. Super Wubble is super soft and lightweight. Engineered to be gentle, it molds around whatever it hits, then bounces away, leaving giggles in its wake. Enjoy hours of squishy, squashy, bouncy fun. Parents and kids will love that the new Super Wubble comes with a brand-new valve for super easy inflation. The new Super Wubble bubble ball inflates a gigantic 30 inches in just minutes and is designed to be blown up with your mouth! Just blow into the patented, self-sealing valve – or use almost any pump you have. 


Key Features of the Super Wubble Ball:

  • Super soft and lightweight, Super Wubble floats through the air like a bubble
  • Engineered to be gentle, it molds around whatever it hits, then bounces away
  • Super Wubble inflates a gigantic 2 ½ feet
  • Designed to be inflated by mouth. No pump needed


My Thoughts:

I remember when the Wubble’s first came out and how all the kids had to have them. I foresee that happening again with this fun new Super Wubble Ball 2 pack. My daughters are older now and they  were so jazzed to hear I received them. I think this toy transcends age and gender because they are just plain fun! Who doesn’t want to play with a giant ball?


This toy may not require batteries, but your kids still might need grown up help. Since these were designed to be inflated by mouth, I decided I’d give that a go. Woah- it takes a lot of breath to fill a Super Wubble. This is as far as I got before I decided I’d ask my husband to help me fill it the rest of the way with his air compressor.


The Takeaway:

This is a fun, non-electronic toy that will give hours and hours of fun for the whole family. Your pet may be a little afraid of the huge ball at first like our cat was but may come around to play once they know it’s a toy. One thing to note about the Super Wubble and pets, they pick up every single stray hair and crumb off the floor! You can get them off easily with a damp cleaning cloth or paper towel. Shop for toy three here

I you find these three hands on toy gift ideas helpful as we inch ever nearer to the big day.


Happy Holidays!


Please share in comments: Which toy caught your eye and why?

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