One of the ways I invite each new season into my home is by changing up my tablescapes. I do this by adding seasonal touches like flowers in pretty vases and containers, textural items like raffia and ribbons and of course lots of color found in nature during the current season. When I received an invitation to work with Hy-Lite acrylic craft blocks, I immediately started thinking of festive, seasonal vases. I received three complimentary Hy-Lite acrylic craft blocks that I used to make a spring, summer, and fall vase that I hope will inspire you to try this fun DIY.

 Easy DIY Seasonal Vases with Hy-Lite Acrylic Craft Blocks

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hy-Lite. I received information to facilitate today’s post as well as a complimentary product(s) shown in this post to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own.

About Hy-Lite Acrylic Blocks:

Hy-Lite Clear Wave Acrylic Craft Block #ad

According to their website, Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, is the premier manufacturer of acrylic block windows in the United States. Founded in 1988, Hy-Lite began with a vision to modernize traditional glass block windows into something more energy-efficient and customizable. In the years since, we have added decorative glass windows for stylish privacy as well as true glass block windows for those who prefer traditional block. We are also proud to offer contract molding services in our manufacturing plant in Pensacola, Florida. Be sure to follow Hy-Lite on Facebook and Twitter for more product information and ideas.

I received three of their loose, clear wave acrylic craft blocks, which are the perfect size for crafting! Each block measures 8”X 8”X 3” and has a 1-1/2" drilled hole at the top with a rubber stopper. I love that these blocks are lightweight and forgiving acrylic, so kids have work with them without fear of breaking.

Spring Vase- Blessings:

Spring Blessings Vase #ad

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I look forward to it’s arrival every year. This spring season has been especially hard here in the greater Nashville area. In early March, a devastating tornado wiped out entire neighborhoods, starting near downtown Nashville and cutting a 60- mile path across our area. We were still reeling from that and trying to help our neighbors to the north, when the very first confirmed case of COVID-19 was confirmed in our county. The rest, as they say, is history, which is why I decided to make a blessings spring vase. I figured it would be a fantastic way for my family and I to take time each day to think of something we are thankful for and write that blessing down and save it.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed for Spring Blessings vase #ad

1 Hy-Lite clear acrylic craft block
1 flower stencil
1 container Ballet Slippers Pink Chalk paint
1 sponge paint brush
3 packs Adhesive Gemstones of choice
Tape to hold stencil on block
Paper plate for paint
Damp paper towel for blotting/cleaning painted stencil edges
Card stock paper

Pick pretty paper to write your Spring Blessings on #ad


Stenciling flower onto spring blessings vase with #chalk paint #ad

  • Wipe outside of craft block with slightly damp cleaning cloth, allow to air dry.Apply Stencil to center of block. I eyeballed mine, but you can use measuring tape for accuracy.
  • Apply tape at four corners of craft block.
  • Pour a small amount of chalk paint (tablespoon) onto paper plate.
  • Dab paint sponge into paint and dab onto stencil starting at top left corner and working down.
  • Clean up any extra paint around edges of stencil with damp paper towel.
  • Allow paint to dry, at least two hours.
  • Apply adhesive gemstones as desired. * Be careful with placement! Once you’ve dropped these into place, they will be hard to detach and move. *
  • Cut card stock into long 1/2-inch-thick strips of paper for blessings.

I’m enjoying our Spring Blessings vase in our dining room. Be sure to place your Spring Vase and Pen in a central location, so you and your family will see it and be prompted to write a blessing.
At the End of the Season, spend time with your family taking turns pulling a blessing from the vase and reading them.

Summer Vase- Independence Day Celebration:

Summer Vase- Independence Day Celebration #ad

Celebrating our Independence Day is the highlight of most American’s summers. From bonfires and cookouts to trips to the lake and fireworks, we American’s love this holiday, so I thought it would be fun to make a very patriotic Independence Day vase. I had all the supplies I needed on hand from last years crafts, but you can find everything you need at your local dollar store, with the exception of the clear acrylic craft block. You’ll need to order that online from Hy-Lite or visit your local home improvement store.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed to make Summer Vase #ad

1 Hy-Lite Clear Acrylic craft block
2 small flags
1 small flag ribbon
2 pieces of red card stock
Hole punch or small drill to make holes in rubber stopper lid

Holes were easy to make in summer vase rubber stopper lid #ad


Spiraled paper in Summer Vase #ad

  • Wipe outside of craft block with slightly damp cleaning cloth, allow to air dry.
  • Remove rubber stopper from top of craft block and punch two holes in for flag handles.
  • Cut card stock into thin ¼ inch strips.
  • Curl each strip tightly around finger.
  • Drop in vase.
  • Continue adding curled strips of paper until vase is full and looks airy.
  • (insert full vase pic)
  • Insert attachment ribbon ties to the top of the vase where rubber stopper goes, pushing them upward.
  • Replace rubber stopper.
  • Add flags in the holes of rubber stopper.

Enjoy this festive summer vase on a table inside or placed wherever you gather outside. 

Fall Vase-Harvest Time:

Fall Vase-Harvest Time #ad

We are privileged to live in a state that showcases all four seasons and fall in middle Tennessee is beautiful! There’s lots of warm Indian summer days to enjoy your garden and flowers, while all along the roads Golden Rod and other wildflowers abound. I got my inspiration for this vase from a pretty  bouquet of flowers my husband had given me that contained lovely yellow flowers and greenery.

 Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed for Fall Vase #ad

1 Hy-Lite Clear Acrylic craft block
1 bunch yellow flowers with greenery - either fresh cut or artificial will do
1 pack faux grass - found at dollar/craft stores
1 12-inch length of leather cord or raffia for ribbon


Putting faux grass in Fall vase #ad

  • Wipe outside of craft block with slightly damp cleaning cloth, allow to air dry.
  • Remove rubber stopper from top of craft block and save for later.
  • Pull small tufts of faux grass out of package.
  • Insert grass in top of vase and gently toss to either side as you go.
  • Continue to add faux grass to either side of vase until is almost full, then gently shake to even disperse grass.
  • Add flowers and greenery. Grass will be slightly tamped down by them, so you’ll need to add more.
  • Stop for quality inspection. (A big thanks to my quality inspector, Fiona).

Fiona, my cat inspecting my work so far on Fall Vase. #ad

  • Fill vase to top with faux grass. It should look light and airy.
  • Tie length of leather cord or raffia into a ribbon around the top pf flowers and greenery.

Now your Fall Harvest time vase is ready to sit on your table to enjoy until you are ready to celebrate the next season, reason, or holiday. I like the look of the flowers and greenery as they become dried almost as much as I like fresh florals. 

Easy DIY Seasonal Vases with Hy-Lite Acrylic Craft Blocks #ad

I hope you like my seasonal vases! I've had so much fun with these three, I may need to get a few more acrylic craft blocks for to make vases for the remainder of the year. 

Please share in comments: Which seasonal vase is your favorite?
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