Tomorrow, April 22, 2020 marks 50 years of Earth day. Every year, my family and I celebrate this special day by planting trees, visiting Centennial Park to celebrate Earth Day with other Nashville area Earth Lovers, picking up trash from roadsides, supporting local nurseries and more. However, as with so many other events normally held this time of year, things will be different this year thanks to our need to stay home. That doesn't mean we can't all come together digitally to celebrate 50 years!

#EarthDay2020 Digtial Celebration

My thanks to the Earth Day Network for sharing all the information found in today's un-sponsored post. All opinions and love of the Earth are my own. 

About Earth Day:

According to EarthDay.Org, April 22, 2020 marks 50 years of Earth Day. The first Earth Day s parked the passage in the U.S. of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts, and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The urgency has never been greater, and the stakes have never been higher – we are now in an environmental emergency and a climate breakdown. We have two crises: One is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The other is a slowly building disaster for our climate.

How Can You Help?

Heal Her Poster for #EarthDay2020 by GeraLuz
poster by GeraLuz

To meet this moment, we must build the largest, most diverse online mobilization in history in defense of the environment. Our world needs a united response for bold action.

  • On Earth Day 2020, we say enough is enough.
  • We say we believe in science. We say that everyone can make a difference.
  • We say that the protection of our planet and the wellbeing of the people who live upon it are the top priorities.
  • On Earth Day 2020, we say that we’re committing to vote, we’re registering to vote and we’re showing up to vote.
  • Human health and planetary health are inextricably linked. wants to know: Will you join this global movement as we build toward the next half century of action for our planet?

Here's The Plan:
Over the 24 hours of Earth Day (12:01 am ET - 11:59 pm ET on April 22), Earth Day Network will flood the digital landscape with global conversations, calls to action, performances, video teach-ins and more. That’s where you come in.

On April 22, join us for 24 hours of action on as we issue a new call to action every hour for 24 hours. Through 24 hours of action, Earth Day 2020 will drive actions big and small, give diverse voices a platform and demand bold action for people and the planet. Use #EarthDay2020 and go digital with us!

Watch Earth Day Live:

#EarthDay2020 poster by TBWA_Chiat_Day and Sound The Alarm

Aren't these colorful Earth Day 2020 posters beautiful? I wish I could print them out and share them with my neighbors and the passing cars on my road!

Tune into Earth Day Live on April 22 -24 as millions of people around the world go online for a three-day mobilization to stop the climate emergency. 
Tune in to Earth Day Live April 22-24 to watch, discuss and participate in a livestream featuring stories, performances and opportunities for digital collective action. states: While Earth Day may be going digital, our goal remains the same: to mobilize the world to take the most meaningful actions possible to change the world. Want more information on plugging? Just visit the Earth Day link and you'll find lots of resources available to you, much like the information they sent me to share with you today.

Your Voice Matters:

No matter where you are, you can make a difference. There are so many things bad on social media right now, let's lend our voices and talents to doing something good for the Earth tomorrow! Hope to see you online using #EarthDay2020!

Please share in comments: What activities do you plan to do offline after our digital celebration to help our Earth?
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