This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I love going to Home Depot! Especially with my husband. He knows all the local stores layouts like the back of his hand and can spot of great deal from a mile away. He waits for big ticket items like power tools to go on sale, much like I await furniture and home goods sales. Case in point, just last night, we were at Home Depot to purchase a new air compressor that was a pre-black Friday deal. While there, I started taking mental notes of other tools he was wishing he had. If shopping at Home Depot is on your radar this holiday season, my three tips to make the most of Black Friday shopping at The  Home Depot is for you.

Three tips to make the most of Black Friday shopping at Home Depot #ad

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Home Depot.  I received information to facilitate today’s post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All opinions and love of home improvement stores are my own.

Home Improvement store Love:

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My love of home improvement stores runs deep. As a kid, I can remember how I loved going to hardware and home improvement stores with my Dad. It was our thing. I would get up early on Saturday’s just so I could run errands with him IF it included a trip to one of these types of stores. 

Sometime in the early 80’s, I stepped foot into a Home Depot store, and I was hooked. While my Dad looked for bolts or screws or a new hammer, I would be dreaming of my first kitchen and planning out cabinet layouts, or finding new plants for our yard.  I loved watching the associates mix paint too. I often wondered what project the paint was for. Sometimes you could tell just by being observant. An expecting Mom with four different colors of pink paint samples in her hand clued me in to the obvious conclusion that the gallons of paint was for a nursery.  

Then the universe smiled when I met and married myself a carpenter, who by his very livelihood spends a great deal of time at home improvement stores, especially Home Depot. I’ve been tagging along on his weekend shopping trips for 27 years now.

Have you shopped at The  Home Depot Lately?

Have you shopped at The Home Depot lately? #ad

If you are into home improvement, DIY projects, or gardening, then the answer is probably yes. If you are busy checking off errands, you may just zoom right to the department needed and never fully venture around the store, but you may want to soon. They carry a ton of stuff you might now think to buy at The Home Depot!

  • Motor Oil? Yep. They stock it.
  • Cleaning supplies? Yep.
  • Baking dishes? Yep.
  • Linens? Yep.
  • Toaster? Yep.

Home Depot has so many fun products in stock, especially at this time of year! Our local store looked festive as we shopped for tools and work supplies. It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with all the stuff Home Depot does carry, so here now are my three tips to help you shop and save! 

Tip One:

Sign up for their emails. 

You can save a ton of money and time by signing up for The Home Depot’s email. My husband mentioned he had heard a sale ad on the radio but didn’t catch all of it. I simply logged on to our emails, and voila! I could confirm that he had heard correctly and the air compressor he wanted was on sale as part of their pre-black Friday sale!

We saved by shopping The Home Depot pre Black Friday Sale #ad

Tip Two:

Check out The Home Depot's website to save #ad

Spend time on Home Depot’s website now. 

This is where you can truly explore all your options and be a savvy shopper come black Friday! There are currently 3,238 deals listed on their Pre-Black Friday Sales event. We got our big-ticket item early but will wait for another tool my husband needs until actual black Friday because we think there will be another mark down. Which leads me to tip three.

Tip Three:

Plan when to shop. 

Look, tools and home improvement supplies can be very costly.  This is one area where it’s best to do lots of research before making a purchase not just on the tool. Make sure you are in the loop on The Home Depot’s pre-black Friday Sale, the Black Friday sale and even cyber Monday sale so you can make the most informed purchasing decision. 

Bonus Tip:

Research Product Warranties.

Make sure to also research if that product really does need an extended warranty or not. My husband is just now replacing some tools he’s had for years and years so an extended warranty purchase way back when we bought the tool wouldn’t have made sense. When researching products online at The Home Depot, you will have access to product warranty information on the products listing. Scroll down to Let’s Protect This, the click learn more. A box will pop up, that looks like this. 

The Home Depot product warranty #ad

 If you are shopping in store and can’t find the warranty information, just ask the Home Depot associate in the department you are shopping in. They will help you and aren’t there to push extended warranties at you. Just one more reason I love shopping at The Home Depot.

Another great option to help you make the most of your shopping time and money on black Friday at Home Depot  is to check out Slick Deals. Slick Deals is a coupon site and app that applies the best coupons while shopping. They did the hard work for us by analyzing the best Home Depot's deals from the past to help build your shopping list for the 2019 Black Friday sale and get your home ready for the holiday season.

Home Depot Black Friday Deals 2019: What Doorbuster Deals Can We Expect from Home Depot? 

  • Financing deals and discounts when buying multiple appliances like a washer and dryer, or full kitchen set.
  • All your favorite Christmas decorations like wreaths, trees and poinsettias.
  • $100s off popular power tools, toolsets and even toolboxes or chests to store them all.
  • Camping equipment like hammocks, portable grills, coolers and outdoor furniture. 

I hope my tips are helpful and put you in a holly jolly mood! The most wonderful time of the year is finally here and I’m ready for it! How about you?

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