Happy Friday and happy first day of winter. Our middle Tennessee weather has decided to match the season by turning cold, wet and windy overnight. There is even a slight chance of a flurry or two later today! We love seeing the snow, but don’t care for the bone chilling temps. A week or two before winter truly sets in, I get out my family’s winter coats, check them for wear, missing buttons and stains. I usually have at least one coat I need to run to the dry cleaners, but I got to save time and money this year by dry cleaning them at home with Dryel.

Save time & money by dry cleaning fabrics at home with Dryel #ad

This post is sponsored by Dryel, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

About Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Kit:

Save time & money by dry cleaning fabrics at home with Dryel #ad

Dryel states their system is the best way to clean and restore your special care clothes. The kit works in minutes in your dryer, saving time and money. Dryel is gentler than dry cleaning or wet washing and contains no harsh chemicals.

I was excited to try the Dryel at home dry cleaning kit on my daughter’s coat. The box states that it removes stains, removes odors and relaxes wrinkles, which was exactly what I needed for this coat. While it didn’t have a lot of stains, there were a couple little spots and some dirt at the cuffs and on the back. Plus, as with most stored items, it had a few wrinkles and needed a scent refresher.

Dryel at home dry cleaning starter kit:

Save time & money by dry cleaning fabrics at home with Dryel #ad

The starter kit comes with everything you need to tackle a coat or two in an afternoon. Kit includes:

  • 4 Dryer activated cleaning cloths- with biodegradable cleaning agents.
  • 1 Large reusable fabric protection bag – patented to harness steam. No bag = no cleaning.
  • 1 Stain pen- safe for dry clean only cloths.
  • 1 Odor and wrinkle releaser spray- deodorizes and releases wrinkles.

Dryel odor and wrinkle releaser spray  #ad

How to use Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Kit in 3 easy steps:

Dryel stain pen for pretreating stains #ad

  1.  Pre-treat by using the stain pen on small stains
  2.  Spray high odor areas (like armpits) with the odor and wrinkle releaser
  3.  Clean by adding garment to fabric protection bag and adding 1 cleaning cloth. Tumble in dryer on medium heat for 15 to 30 minutes
  4.  Remove from dryer and immediately hang garment to help wrinkles fall out.
  5.  Admire your fresh and clean clothes.

My Thoughts:

Dryel fabric protection bag and coat #ad

I’ve never liked the smell of our dry cleaner’s shop and usually air out clothes at home when I pick them up, so I was concerned the Dryel kit may have a chemical scent, but it didn’t. The spray and cleaning cloth have a clean scent Dryel calls Breezy clean.

Dryel odor and wrinkle release spray #ad

 I was also concerned about the faux fur collar on the coat I was cleaning, so I decided not to spray it with the odor and wrinkle releaser spray. I also tucked the hood into the coat as best I could before placing it in the fabric protection bag.

Dryel fabric protection bag and coat #ad

The Take Away:

I am very pleased with the how well the coat turned out and I highly recommend you give Dryel a try if you have dry clean only fabrics.  Since I have more product in my starter kit, and it’s safe to use on most fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere, polyester, silk and rayon; I’m going to clean a couple pillows, some stuffed animals and a blanket before storing them away for the season. Also, now that I know how well Dryel works, I will purchase more dry cleaning only garments knowing I can clean them at home. 

I invite you to learn more about Dryel, their eco-friendly cleaning agents, which fabrics you can clean with their kit, and get a dollar off coupon by visiting their website here and by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest .

Please share in comments: Have you not purchased a garment because it was dry clean only?
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