Last Saturday was a date day for the husband and me. We got invited to try a new to us pub in the heart of downtown Nashville in SoBro (South of Broadway) as it’s called locally. We’ve been working hard and haven’t been downtown in months, so this date was special.  If you and your significant other need a day a day date too, read on! Come along with me as I show you how fun and tasty it is to eat and do a little day drinking at City Tap House in Nashville. 

Welcome to City Tap House Nashville:

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Our thanks to City Tap House Nashville for hosting our brunch.  While all our food and drinks were complimentary, our love for your food, drinks, and atmosphere are all our own. 

About City Tap House:  Craft Beer.  Culture.  Regional Cuisine. 

Established in 2010, City Tap House Nashville has brought craft beer and elevated, regional American fare to SoBro. City Tap is located in the heart of Nashville’s cultural center.  They are thrilled to offer guests the best bar and restaurant experience in the neighborhood. 

Who will you see at City Tap House?

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City Tap House Nashville welcomes everybody from sports fans (Go Preds!) to casual diners and couples like us, to beer nuts and brewers to families. They want everybody to know they are welcome and that they’ve been saving you a seat. This is true!  City Tap has an abundance of seating. We didn’t have to wait to be seated and neither did two larger parties (6 to 8 each) that came in for brunch too. 

What would you like to drink?

plenty of beer on tap at City Tap House Nashville #ad

City Tap House does it right from the very beginning offering you three choices of water and giving you a beer menu. Yes, they have a beer menu and it is truly needed since they offer 60 craft beers. You’ll find local breweries heavily represented as well as some favorites from around the world. 

Our very knowledgeable server helped me select a light beer called the Jackalope Lovebird, while my husband went for something darker and got the Little Harpeth double paddle Dopplebock. Both were delicious!

Unique and flavorful cocktails at City Tap House Nashville #ad

If beers aren’t your thing, City Tap’s bar has a great selection of cocktails to choose from.
During our long brunch, we sipped and savored our drinks. I had a Bogsy Collins, a flavorful mix of Hendricks Gin, elderflower, house cranberry, rosemary and soda water. I loved the hint of elderflower!  

My husband opted for a true brunch classic an ordered their Bloody Mary which was very tasty. We both sipped and tried to name all the wonderful flavors on the rim of the glass. City Tap’s rim salt is unique and went beyond your average celery salt so we took turns sipping and guessing.  Is that Coriander? Do I taste Cumin?  See, I told you day drinking could be fun

Would you like an Appetizer?

baked Cambozola appetizer at City Tap House #ad

You will want to say yes to this. The hardest part was deciding which app we were going to order. My husband couldn’t decide if he wanted a cheesy app or oysters, while I was stuck on either nachos or tacos.

Thankfully, we had help deciding from Giann, who shared his personal recommendations.  We wound up ordering the baked Cambozola appetizer which is a heavenly blend of camembert and gorgonzola baked with roasted garlic and served with the perfectly toasted truffle pecan honey toasts you see in the above photo.  Folks- this is to die for good! The serving size is plenty for two and could even be enough for three people if you all shared and nobody double dipped!

Korean Short Rib Tacos at City Tap House Nashville #ad

I ordered the Korean Short Rib Tacos and they changed my life! Giann warned us that just mentioning them made his mouth water and that we would NEED these tacos and he was right. Since it was our first time there, he joked that he would add a fourth taco to our order so we didn’t fight over the last one (this app comes with three normally). I said, oh we will just split the third. Giann just smiled knowingly and when our tacos arrived, there were four on the plate. Good call Giann!
City Tap House makes these tacos with perfectly seasoned and tender short rib then adds pickled cabbage slaw, cilantro and chili sauce for just a wee bit of heat.  They are addicting. They are heaven sent. They are everything! We are hooked

Do you have room for Brunch?

tasty cheeseburger and fries at City Tap House Nashville #ad

Even though we loved our apps, we had paced ourselves so we could fully experience brunch in its truest form.  When we arrived and I first looked at the menu, I thought I’d get a breakfast plate like the Big Chick (southern fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, the works) but after we fell in love with those tacos, I switched to lunch and ordered the City Tap Cheeseburger.

I love a good cheeseburger, cooked as well as the chef will allow with loads of melted cheese and a fluffy bun. All boxes checked here at City Tap House! This is a big burger with lots of char-broiled flavors and cheesy goodness. The fries were perfectly crispy not greasy and again the hubs and I tasted and wondered what type of oil these tasty fries were cooked in.  

Ribeye Steak and Eggs brunch at City Tap House Nashville #ad

Unlike me, my husband knew what he was going to order from the moment he saw the menu. Like me and my burgers, he is a steak lover, so he had to try their Ribeye Steak and Eggs. This is a man-sized meal. His 16 oz. steak (ordered rare) was cooked to perfection and smothered with caramelized onions a side of tasty breakfast potatoes with two eggs over easy.  Everything arrived just as he ordered it and he loved it all saying the steak was amazing.


Come visit Nashville and brunch at City Tap House!

City Tap House Nashville is a bright, contemporary pub that exudes the friendliness that Nashville is known for in the heart of a vibrant city. As such, parking is at a premium, so we do suggest coming on the weekends for brunch (served from 10am to 3pm) so you’ll receive complimentary parking in the parking garage just a few feet from City Tap House’s entrance.  What a great perk! 

I invite you to visit them anytime you are in downtown Nashville. They have several ongoing events throughout the year. You can learn more about them, book a table and see their fabulous beer menu by visiting their website and following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

We had a great day date!  

We truly enjoyed the ambiance, the feel of the place, the knowledgeable and friendly staff, the drinks and the stellar food, which comes in big enough portions that we both had leftovers to enjoy for dinner. Another perk of brunching at City Tap Nashville! It truly is a great casual dining place with affordable menu items for everybody in the heart of downtown Nashville. 

We want to bring our teen daughters here for brunch soon.  We may not be doing any day drinking with them, but you can bet we will be ordering multiple plates of their Korean Short Rib Tacos!

Please share in comments: When was the last time you had a day date or brunch? 
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