I’m Excited to Be a Biz Ambassador This Year

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Happy Friday everyone! It is indeed a happy Friday for me as I write my first post for my newest ambassadorship with Biz Stain Fighter.  I do a lot of laundry around here and I know you do too, so I’m excited about sharing this great cleaning product with you. If you don’t know about the line of Biz Stain Fighter products, or maybe need a refresher, please read on. I’ll be sharing a coupon as well. 

Biz Stain Fighter Ambassador #ad

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Biz Stain Fighter. I received information and products to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item(s) to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own. 

About Biz Stain Fighters:

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According to their website, Biz got its start in 1968! That’s 40 year’s worth of cleaning power. They state they know clean and I believe them! 

“BIZ® was the first enzyme based pre-soak and color-safe bleach that moms have trusted to remove stains from the family's laundry for more than 40 years. First invented in 1968 by Procter & Gamble researcher Charles McCarty, Biz was introduced nationally as pre-soak “or” color-safe bleach and later re-positioned as a "detergent booster." In 1994 Biz, like many P&G brands was re-released in an "ultra" formula (making it highly concentrated so that less of the product would be needed to achieve the same cleaning results). You may recall hearing "Put it in the Biz Bag," which meant a garment was too dirty for washing with detergent alone. As a promotion, Biz distributed large laundry bags to hold the dirty, stained laundry that needed to be soaked in Biz.”

Biz Stain Fighter line of products #BizAmbassador #ad

I can remember my Mom using Biz powder on our tough grass stains, and I’m happy to see they still offer their products in powder form, along with liquid and liquid boosters and a Biz on the Go pen I’m really excited about. All of Biz products contain no bleach or phosphate so you can wash clothes, even your colors with confidence. Here is a handy chart showing stain examples and which Biz ingredient will fight that stain. 

Biz stain fighting chart #laundry #ad

Why Biz is Better:

*according to their website*

Biz is tough on stains and odors #ad

  • Cleans up to 80% better than detergent alone
  • More Stain Fighting ingredients than other brands
  • Only fully-formulated product available proven to remove all types of stains

Putting Biz to the Test:

I'm a Biz Ambassador #stainfighter #ad

As a Biz Ambassador, I’ll be putting that last statement to the test by using Biz on my toughest laundry stains, like my husband’s messy job site work clothes, our yardwork/gardening clothes, or my teen daughter’s makeup mishaps. Add a couple of cats to the mix and I’ve got plenty of stains to fight with Biz and share my results with you!

Save Now:

I invite you to learn more about the whole line of Biz Stainer Fighter products by visiting their website here, where you can read some tips and tricks for your toughest stain troubles and get a dollar off coupon to start saving now. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram too.

Follow Along: 

Thank for stopping by today and learning more about Biz Stain Fighter products. I’ll be sharing my first stain fighting challenge next month, so please stay tuned! I’d love if you would take a moment to follow me on social too.  I’m here:

Please share in comments:  Have you ever heard of or used a Biz Stain Fighter product? 
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