Celebrate National Taco Day with Uncle Ben’s and win $15K

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Tacos are on my weekly family menu plan  in one form or another. The recipes vary to keep things fresh, but one thing is for sure- we are a taco loving bunch! To celebrate National Taco day (today!) and taco Tuesday, we made Shredded Chicken Verde tacos with refried beans and Spanish style rice. Thanks to today’s sponsor, Uncle Ben’s, you too can serve up a plate of tacos, beans and Spanish style rice quickly and if you upload a photo of your rice dish, you could win 15 thousand dollars for you and your school a 30 thousand dollar cafeteria makeover! 

Shredded Chicken Verde tacos with refried beans and Spanish style rice

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Uncle Ben’s. I received information to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item(s) to thank me for my participation.

Tacos and Rice- The perfect Dinner Combo:

Tacos don’t have to be boring if you think beyond the traditional crunchy taco. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve served up plenty of the crunchy ones, but if your kids say tacos again? when you tell them what’s for dinner, it may be time to switch things up. 

crunchy taco National Taco Day

Try soft tacos, change the meat and fillings, fix street inspired tacos like our shredded chicken Verde tacos.  Another way to perk up your taco dinner plate is to add a flavorful rice side. I jazzed up Spanish style rice with a can of chipotle tomatoes for a bit of a kick.  Next week, I’m going to make Uncle Ben’s Baja Fish Tacos with rice. 

Uncle Ben’s Baja Fish Tacos with rice:

Uncle Ben's Baja tacos with Spanish style rice

This recipe is part of Uncle Ben’s Ben’s Beginner’s meaning it’s the perfect starter recipe for you to cook with your kids. Getting kids in the kitchen early and often is truly a fun way to bond, teach them important life skills and may lead to some great conversations too. You can have this recipe done and on the table in 30 minutes too, making it perfect for busy school nights. Find the recipe here.  

Win $15K for your family and your school a $30K cafeteria makeover!

Thanks to the Uncle Ben’s Beginners program families can celebrate National Taco Day all month with Uncle Ben’s® family-friendly recipes and fun online activities at www.unclebens.com . Uncle Ben’s wants to remind you that teaching kids to cook inspires them to eat healthier and turns cooking time into family fun time.  Once you’ve finished cooking your rice meal, simply go to Uncle Ben’s Beginners, sign in or sign up and then upload your photo HERE for a chance to win 15K for you and your family and 30K for your school! Share on social channels using #BensBeginners too. 

Good luck! 

Happy National Taco Day from my family to yours. Now more than ever, I think it’s so important for us to spend quality family time together and I can think of no better way to do that than by serving cooking and eating dinner together. 

Please share in comments: Will you serve tacos tonight? If so, what kind?

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  1. Heavens I LOVE Taco's--the traditional kind. I have never attempted to make one at home. I do love Uncle Ben's and this would be a great way for me to make my own with one of those delicious varieties. I will be looking for them next time I go shopping!

  2. Your tacos look so yummy along side Uncle Ben's. I make a version with less carbs and still yummy. We like different varieties of flavored rice. Rice goes well with so many meats and vegetables.

  3. Your tacos look great! My favorite tacos lately are served at a little local restaurant on "Taco Tuesday"s. YUMMM .... I'm an Uncle Ben's fan as well and you've inspired me to look for them this morning when I head out to the store.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    You should make tacos at home! They are super easy and oh, so tasty. I love Uncle Ben's Rice and usually have some on hand for quick side dishes.

  5. Hi Susan,

    You can't beat taco Tuesday, whether it's at home out dining out. I'm glad to see we have several Uncle Ben's fans on the blog this week.

  6. Hi Gladys,

    Thank you very much. I love that tacos can be made to be very healthy yet still tasty. Rice is so in heavy rotation here at dinner time for sure.


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