How to pick the best floral fragrance for you

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Happy Tuesday and happy spring, everyone! It’s a frosty 36° here in middle Tennessee this morning, making me shiver and be glad none of my flowers have started blooming yet. I may not be gardening today, but I can still talk about flowers of the floral fragrance kind! Since yesterday was National Fragrance Day and I’m an Avon lady, I thought it would be helpful to share a quick tutorial on how to pick the best floral fragrance for you this spring. 

how to pick the best Floral Fragrances for spring

Finding a new fragrance for you or to give to someone can be challenging! You walk into the fragrance department at your favorite shopping spot and your senses are assaulted. Overpowering scents fill your nose, shiny bottles in an array of colors and sizes twinkle on glass shelves and the ever-present associate is there to spritz you with the latest scent from the current pop star fave of the moment. Hopefully my tutorial will have you shopping for fragrances with confidence, whether you shop at the mall or with me and Avon!

Understanding the 6 types of floral fragrances: 

1. Romantic Florals are soft, delicate and feminine. These romantic florals are characterized by lush bouquets that have sweet and powdery notes with hints of musk or warm amber. Sound like you? Try Forever, which has hints of pink pepper, orange blossom and sensual musk.
Forever a romantic floral fragrance

2. Oriental Florals have hints of spice mixed with amber and woods, which give oriental florals an exotic allure. Sound like you? Try FarAway ‒ dreamy florals, softly spiced amber and inviting wood.

Far Away an Oriental Floral fragrance

3. Fruity Florals are bursting with the scent of delicious fruits. These scents add an everyday sweetness to your fragrance wardrobe. Sound like you? Try Luck, a fragrance with sparkling citrus and luscious berries wrapped in creamy white florals, rose petals and sandalwood.  (Luck was also a CEW Insiders Choice Beauty Awards Finalist!)

Luck- a fruity floral fragrance

4. Fresh Florals are clean and crisp, reminiscent of a just-bloomed spring garden. Sound like you? Try Haiku Kyoto Flower ‒ full of velvety violet leaf and white peony with soft cotton musk. 
Haiku Kyoto Flower- a fresh floral fragrance

5. Woody Florals add depth and warmth. They are enriched with earthy notes of sensual woods. Sound like you? Try Candid, with sparkling bergamot, blooming tuberose and sensual patchouli. 

Candid- a woody floral fragrance

6. Flower Gourmand is a sweet treat. The dessert of scents, floral gourmands have delectable notes like rich crème brûlée. Sound like you? Try Outspoken Party by Fergie, a mix of pink peony with luscious raspberry.

Outspoken Party - a Flower Gourmand fragrance

Changing your fragrances with the seasons is a fun way to add a layer of confidence to your wardrobe. I hope that this tutorial will help you pick the best floral fragrance for you this spring. Would you like a free sample of an Avon fragrance? Join my customer mailing list here!

Which type of floral fragrance would you try first and why?

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