Here we are, just three short weeks away from Thanksgiving and I haven’t finished half my fall cleaning chores found on my checklists here and here.  Being a homemaker at heart, it’s tough for me to admit my home isn’t in “company ready” condition and I could share with you a handful of excuses, but instead- I’m going to swing into action and share my Holiday Hostess cleaning checklist that will help you and I be ready to greet family and friends in no time.

My WAHM Plan: Welcome Holiday Guests

The easiest way to get yourself and your home company ready is to have a clear plan of action. You may think I’m old school, but I hold firmly to my love of writing things down on a simple pad of paper.  All you need for this week’s chore prompt is a legal size pad of plain white paper, a colorful pen and a clipboard.  If you don’t have a clipboard handy, that’s okay, I just find it easier to make notes with one while I’m walking around my home.

MWP: Holiday Hostess cleaning checklist

Armed with my trusty pen and paper, I can let the prepping magic begin. I walk from room to room with an eagle eye, channeling my Moms everything neat and tidy approach to homemaking and I make my list for each room that company will see.

This is really important so I will repeat it: Please only start a chore list for rooms and spaces that company will see! It’s crunch time, so don’t worry about the less traveled spaces in your home.

In main bathroom you might list chores like- put away lotions, wash bathroom rugs, and hang up new hand towels.

Normally, I would tell you to only put chores on your list as you walk from room to room, but this is a holiday hostess checklist, so it’s perfectly fine to add notes of needs as you walk from room to room. If you need to buy a new bath mat, place it on your bathroom checklist with a star beside it so you can add it to your shopping list for the week. 

As you walk through your home, ask yourself if a chore really has to be done by you. Yes, you are probably best at washing the breakable serving platters, but sweeping the bathroom floor or recycling the pile of newspapers? No, you should delegate those types of chores to family members.

MWP: Recycle newspapers weekly chore prompt

Once you’ve gone through every room in your house and feel like your head is going to pop because you must be the worst housekeeper on the planet- stop! Take a breath and choose the easiest task first.

Then check it off. Done!

Go through your list this way until you get to the real hot spots of your house. Seeing your completed tasks will give you incentive to continue. Once you’ve completed the chores on your holiday hostess cleaning checklist go back over your notes and add any necessary items to your weekly shopping list.

Now you’ll be ready to decorate your home without the stress of a messy home! Here’s wishing you a happy holiday season.

Please share in comments: What chore have you been putting off this fall and why?
For me, it's washing windows!

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