Color of the Month - May 2015- Minion Yellow - My WAHM Plan

Color of the Month - May 2015- Minion Yellow

My oldest daughter had declared our May color of the month should be a happy yellow weeks before Pantone announced that Minion Yellow was the color this season. I applaud my teen daughter for her on point choice and give you our picks for this happy color and season! 
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Minion Yellow Wildflowers in our yard

And here's my Pinterest board for the month. I hope you like it.  Go outside and enjoy the sunshine today!

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Please share in comments: Do you have anything yellow in your wardrobe right now?


  1. Oh my -- beautiful photo! I do love to look at yellow, but I have to say I don't think I look great in the color yellow. That's okay though; I'll just enjoy it in nature :)

  2. I am finding it's all about the right shade of yellow. I have a yellow sweater I wear over black tank tops and dresses to brighten up the outfit.

  3. Hi Susan,

    Thank you! Yellow is a tricky color to wear. I add pops of it to my wardrobe, but my daughters both have yellow dresses they look wonderful in. :)

  4. Hi Erin,

    I agree! It's all about finding the right shade of yellow for your skin tone. I love how you use your yellow sweater for a pop of color!

  5. Love it - Minions!!! ha/ha Pretty sad that I love the cartoon more than our son. Oh well, it makes me laugh, so that's great!! I just saw flowers this color on my trail walk on the rim today...beautiful!!

  6. Love that color!! Maybe not for my skin types, but a summer tablescape...Awesome!

  7. Hi Jamie,

    We love our Minions around here too, myself included!

  8. Hi Cali,

    Decorating our homes with this color is a fun idea!

  9. Hi Karen,

    I bet yuo have some Minion yellow flowers blooming in your yard too.

  10. Yellow is so cherry. My mother in law used to have an all yellow bathroom, sink, toliet, tub, rugs, all of it-it was a happy bathroom. I don't have any yellow in my house, but it's looks so nice, I might go buy something yellow.

  11. Hi Alison,
    That sounds like a cheery bathroom! I need to add more pops of yellow in the livingroom and den this season as well.


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