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When I first read the email from Vibrant Nation inviting their bloggers to sign up to try L’Oreal’s newest product line- Age Perfect cell renewal, my immediate thought was “if it will help me look like Julianne Moore, sign me up!”

Julianne has beautiful skin and looks radiant and dare I say it, youthful for her age.  I’m sure Vibrant Nation had an onslaught of 40 and over bloggers applying for this campaign, so I was thrilled when I learned that I’d been accepted and would be receiving the complete line of L’Oreal Age Perfect cell renewal products! 

#L'Oreal age perfect cell renewal

Once I received my L’Oreal goodies, I couldn’t wait to try them. All three of the L’Oreal Cell Renewal products come beautifully packaged with luxe, gold tone lids. I opened each one up and naturally, smelled them. They have such a lovely, light scent. Even the scent smells luxurious!

After washing my face and reading the directions on the label of each product, I decided to put the Age Perfect cell renewal golden serum on first. Ladies- the only way to adequately describe the delightful feeling of this serum, is my face said Ah!

 Like slipping into a perfectly drawn bath- my skin soaked in this creamy elixir quickly and there was no greasy feel. A little dab will do you because the serum spreads smoothly over your skin. My face was so soft; I had my husband feel it. 

#L'Oreal age perfect cell renewal

Even though I didn’t feel I needed it after applying the Cell Renewal Serum, I opened the cell renewal night cream. I’ve long been a fan of night creams. I learned at a very early age that applying helpful skincare products at night is beneficial because that’s when your skin and body rest are repair itself, so I try never to skip this important step in my nightly skincare regime. 

L’Oreal’s Cell Renewal night cream is thick and rich and soothing on my combination skin.  The cream glided gently over my skin, no need to rub long- and made it feel immediately moisturized without any greasy look or feel. Again, a little dab of this rich and thick moisturize will do you. 

The next morning, I felt my face and it felt so much softer and smoother than it had with my regular night cream, I couldn’t wait to try the cell renewal day cream

Since I tend to get a little shiny on some parts of my face due to my combo skin, I’ve learned not to apply too many products, or too much of one, so I went easy on the day cream. 

It too has a clean, fresh scent and was surprisingly non- greasy even though it is a broad spectrum SPF 15 product. My face looked dewy fresh after applying the day cream and I didn’t have to wait long for it to soak into my skin so I could apply makeup.

 The Cell Renewal day cream played nicely with my foundation and didn’t leave me sweating it off- or worse, wanting to wash it all off because there was a reaction between the two products. I’ve had that happen more than a few times in the past. 

#L'Oreal age perfect cell renewal

My Thoughts:

All in all, I am thrilled with the L’Oreal Age Perfect cell renewal line! They work. After two weeks of use, I can see visible signs of improvement with the tone and clarity of my skin. Maybe using this product line will help me have the radiant, youthful glow I miss seeing when I look in the mirror and with continued use, I will move that much closer to have amazing skin like Julianne Moore.

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Why try L’Oreal Age Perfect cell renewal? L’Oreal says:

"As your skin ages, skin cell renewal decreases significantly, leaving your skin looking dull and dry. Age Perfect cell renewal accelerates skin cell turn over, bringing millions of new cells to the surface each day. The result?  Fresher, re-plumped, visibly renewed skin." 

      If it’s time for you to refresh your skincare routine, I invite you to learn more about the    L’Oreal Age Perfect cell renewal line by visiting their website.  

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Please share in comments: Which of these three products are you most interested in trying? 

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