Somewhere in mid-summer a key turned in a lock and the world of full-time professional blogging-writing walked right in that open door for me.  Even though I have been a work at home Mom for 15+ years and plan my days as any professional should, I found myself playing catch up because, quite simply, I didn’t have the proper tools and systems in place to keep up with my growth.

2015 monthly #planner #calendar

That won’t happen in 2015 because I already have an amazing monthly planner and wall calendar thanks to, who asked if I would like to receive these two complementary At A Glance  products to try and share my thoughts with you.  

Let’s start with the monthly planner. I took this out of the package and loved the look and feel of it. This planner allows me to see the whole month without having to flip pages, which comes in very handy when you are planning several assignments and work commitments. 

There’s ample writing room in each day box and a place for notes on the top and right side margins.  The tabbed months are a plus as well, allowing me to easily plan projects in advance. There are ample notes pages in the back of this 13 month planner along with a page of contacts.  There’s even a plastic pocket holder in the back for you to tuck in notes, business cards and those fliers that get handed out when you attend business functions.

I couldn’t be happier with this At-A- Glance 2015 monthly planner and look forward to putting my first assignment in it. Since I already have campaigns that run through January, I’ll be setting up my planner this weekend.

2015 wall calendar #planning

The 2015 monthly wall calendar won’t be hung on a wall in my office, but will be tucked into my lifesaver of a sideboard that acts as a second desk for me.  This calendar will be my hub for all business commitments, not just for my blog and writing assignments, but for my husband’s business as well.

Like with the monthly planner, the day boxes on the wall calendar are big enough for me to write two or three notes on each day. There is an ample header margin where I can write notes or stick post-it notes and reminders there. The flip page method on this calendar will make it easy for me to go to each month without fear of ripping out pages.

2015 monthly #planner

With these two products, I feel confident that 2015 will be a well-organized, successful year for me. With the 4th quarter zooming past us, now is the time to purchase your planner and calendars for next year. I invite you to learn more about these two products and all the business supplies available at

Please share in comments: Which of these two products would you most likely use in 2015?

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