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Slap ‘Appy: Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap

We’re starting our home improvement projects, and I’ve discovered an app to help us choose just the right colors for each room:  ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams. This app allows you to make color palettes based on Sherwin Williams paint colors. 

Color Snap App

When you open the app, it brings you to the main menu, where you can choose how you want to make a color palette. One way to do it is to take a picture of an object with a color you like, for instance the pretty blue on the birdhouse below.  Choose “Snap New Photo”. Then, you can take a picture with your phone’s camera. Or, if you already have a previously taken picture in mind, choose “Use Saved Photo”.

Color option

Once you’ve taken the picture, the app will ask you to crop the photo so it’s small enough to use. 

Cropped photo for Color Snap App

Then, you can move your cursor around and pinpoint the color(s) in the picture that you liked and wanted to use in your palette. 

Coordinating Colors on Color Snap App

The app can choose coordinating colors to go with the color you’ve chosen.

Color Snap App Coordinating color palette

You can also create color palettes by looking through Sherwin-Williams’ complete collection of paint colors. To do this, choose “Explore Color” on the main menu.

Explore color on Color Snap App

Once you find a color that you like, you can click on it and have the app choose two coordinating colors for it. You can also continue to browse through the colors and create your own.

If you like the palette, you can save it, and even adjust the colors you’ve chosen for variations on the original.

Color Palette details

ColorSnap can help you create color schemes for one wall to a whole house, and it’s a lot of fun to play with and save your color ideas. (Saved palettes can be accessed when you choose “Saved Colors”). 

My color Palette

And, when you’re ready to buy your saved paint colors, you can click “Find Store” to locate your nearest Sherwin-Williams location.

While we haven’t narrowed down which of our color palettes to use, we are having fun creating ideas. 

Want to give this app a try?  It’s available on the iTunes App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Androids. 

 My oldest daughter assisted with the research and writing of this post and is looking forward to helping with more Slap 'Appy posts. 


  1. What a cool app. This looks like it would make picking out paints so much easier and fun. We have a lot of painting to do because we are getting ready to sell our house next spring. We are trying to slowly complete one room at a time since we have time.

  2. That is such a cool app!! Thank you for sharing it, I lnow it's one that will come in very handy for us as we have plenty of home projects that need attention!

  3. Hi Daisy,

    This app is fun! You'll find yourself looking at color options in a whole new way.
    We are going to paint one room at a time as well , so here's to lots of patience for both of us!

  4. Hi Barb,
    You are so welcome! It's a really fun app to use and it helps design a room by showing you complimenting colors you may not have thought of yourself.


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