The Wait is over

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Monday, June 16, 2014

This is a very happy Monday for me because my new blog design is installed and working perfectly!

This new design, lovingly crafted and installed by Jana from littlewebwritinghood fits my personality by being clean, functional, professional and pretty.

Now I’m ready to get back to the business of blogging because I feel good about my blog- I know I’ll be putting my best foot forward so to speak. And if I never see that particular shade of green that was prevalent in my old blog design, so much the better!

If you are ready for a new look for your blog- I highly recommend Jana! Visit her Etsy shop for pre-made Blogger and WordPress templates, or you can hire her to make a custom template for you. She is a professional all the way- answering emails quickly, giving updates on status, has a very quick turnaround, is budget friendly and is super nice!

Plus- she was more than willing to change the design as we went along. For instance, we both decided pretty quickly that the font I’d chosen for my header wasn’t going to look the way I wanted it. Jana’s solution was to make me 5 header options to choose from, free of charge.
It’s hard to find a business that will go the extra mile these days- but littlewebwritinghood did.
She doesn’t know I’m writing about her here, she didn’t ask for any special promotion, even though I offered. An Etsy review was all she wanted. Of course I’ll be writing her a raving review on Etsy- but I wanted to shine a special light on her and her business because she is a gem!

Share with me in comments: If you could change one thing about your blog design, what would it be?

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