Mid- Year Progress Report time - My WAHM Plan

Mid- Year Progress Report time

Hello my dear readers. We have made it to the third day of June, 2014. I shake my head at this phenomenon, not quite believing it. Time really does march on whether we want it to or not doesn’t it?

 As I was flipping yet another calendar page this morning, I started thinking about all my hopes and plans I had at the beginning of this year and I thought it would be a great time to check my progress before the slower pace of summer takes over.

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions- but I do make goals and plans and I’m betting you do some sort of evaluation and dreaming for the bright and shiny new year as well.

I’m not going to share my list here, but I will touch on a few key subjects I’ve been paying attention to this year and give myself a grade.

1. Work smarter, not harder.  When I wrote that on a fresh piece of paper way back in January, my goal was to be more mindful in each task and not allow myself to be pulled from one task to another and lose my work flow.   

Grade to date: A

2. Make time for offline pursuits.  As most Bloggers will attest, blogging requires a lot of online time. From posting, to uploading photos to sharing on social channels- there is a lot of moving parts, most all online.

Grade to date: B-

3. Take better care of myself.  Running two small businesses is a sedentary lifestyle that I thought I had a handle on, but the mirror and my activity level said otherwise. I wanted to feel fit again. Okay- maybe not Jillian Michael's fit, but my body type fit again.

Grade to date: C

My mid-year progress report isn’t stellar, but it isn’t all bad either. I see lots of positive progress and room for growth.

Best of all- I see that I still have time. Instead of feeling bad that today is the 154th day of the year and I’m not knocking it out of the park- I prefer to think there is still time to accomplish my goals since there is 205 days until Christmas and 211 days until we start a shiny new year.

If you are feeling rushed, stressed and pulled in too many directions at this point in the year, maybe you should schedule a mid-year progress report time with yourself. Find a quite spot and honestly assess your point in life today. I bet you’ll come away with some pretty solid grades as well.

 Please share in comments- do you make new year resolutions?

Here’s to a happy, stress free summer for all!


  1. One of my blogging resolutions this year was to know my worth and to work towards being compensated for the work that I do on my blog.

  2. Hi Maria,

    That is an outstanding resolution. One in which I hope you are doing well with. I enjoy reading your blog and your work ethic shows in every post!

  3. These are great goals. I have been going to the gym every day and am getting close to my target weight, so I am happy about that. One thing that I hope to improve is to figure out a way to balance life with enough time to spend with family and time to get work in. I'm exhausted most days, but fitting the gym into my busy schedule is important and has given me more energy.

  4. Hi Daisy,

    Way to go! I'm clapping for you right now- because your health is so important to productivity, a lesson I am relearning.
    Balancing the work/family dynamic is a challenge for sure. I'm working on a post about it. Stay tuned.

  5. You're doing great!! I'd give you an "A"!! :)

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Aww... thank you! That means alot to me!

  7. I am still working on all of these things. I want to master the work smarter not harder one. Sounds like you will get there for your goals.

  8. I absolutely cannot believe it is already mid-year! I swear it feels like we celebrated New Years Eve last week!

    We have similar goals, you are getting far better grades than I am, but I'm determined to get an A in off-line pursuits this summer. Really looking forward to spending time with my family and just relaxing!

  9. Hi Carlee,

    Working smarter is tough to do on a daily basis, but I know you will find a method that suits your life style.

  10. Hi Barb,

    Thanks for your supportive comment. You are an inspiring blogger, mentoring myself and several other bloggers to have the work ethic you do- so I'll give you an A+.
    I know you'll do well with your offline pursuits this summer too.

  11. Hi Linda,

    This is so close to home for me. Working from home, reporting about all of the wonderful experiences we have equals a lot of time on our bottoms! I actually started a weight loss video journal to help with accountability and to hopefully provide a little inspiration for others who find themselves in the same boat!

    If you're interested, you can check it out here:



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