Happy Earth Day

It’s a rainy morning here in middle Tennessee, but I for one don’t mind the rain. April showers do bring May flowers and there’s just something so fresh and serene about an April morning after a little rain.

I’m sitting at my desk, looking out my the window and I can see our trees filled with birds and squirrels, the edge of our pond with our resident musk rat and all the green, green grass and I am thankful for this piece of land we call our home.  

Here's a sunny day picture from my front walk.

Our Tennessee Home.

In honor of Earth day we decided to plant peach trees this year. It was a good family day, with all of us pitching in to pick the right trees. 

planting, Peach, Tree
Our Elberta Peach Tree.

Marking off the area we wanted to plant them and assisting my husband in whatever way we could while he dug the holes. 

Tree, planting, hole, digging, husband
My Husband makes digging holes look easy.

peach, tree, semi, dwarf
Our Elberta Semi-Dwarf Peach tree is doing better than the regular one.

We also attended Nashville’s Earth Day Festival this past Saturday. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weather day and the festival was very well attended. We walked around all the vendors gathering information on recycling, protecting our parks and streams and talked with local gardeners at the Farmers’ market.  There was good music and food and lots of happy families and dogs. If you are looking for a wholesome, family fun day that is budget friendly, attend an Earth Day Event this weekend. 

On the 26th, we are going to take the girls to our local library where they are having an Earth Day Celebration as well. We may even bring home a new Dogwood tree to plant since they are free.

Celebrating Earth Day is as simple as getting outside and being a part of nature. Go for a walk, plant a tree or flowers, visit a local park or farmer’s market, start recycling, pick up trash, and get involved in your community by volunteering to beautify a green space, school or help out at your church. Check your local newspaper or your cities website to find out about Earth Day events in your area. Or go to the Earth Day Network for valuable resources.

Please share with me in comments: Do you celebrate Earth Day? What will you be doing to celebrate this year?


  1. Love how you celebrated Earth Day this year, what wonderful family activities! I wish we had an Earth Day festival near us, that sounds delightful. We tend to celebrate Earth Day everyday, but are making a point to dine using all local produce and goods tonight and going lights out after dinner in honor of the holiday.

  2. Hi Barb,
    I love that you are turning off the lights tonight after eating local food- sounds perfect!

  3. Happy Earth Day! We are going to work on our yard and enjoy spending time as a family outside this year. Our blackberry plant is taking off - it's quite amazing, so that's what we are most excited about.

  4. These are some beautiful photos and it looks like you spent the day engaged in the perfect Earth Day activities.

  5. We celebrate Earth Day every day and try to do little things to help. I have been on a real upcyling kick lately.

  6. Hi Daisy,
    We love working outside together too, even if it's just picking up twigs.
    I wish I had a blackberry plant! I bet you'll be baking cobblers and pies soon. Please share pictures!

  7. Hi Maria,

    Thank you! We really did have a great family day.

  8. Hi Carlee,

    Every little bit helps doesn't it? I'd love to hear about your upcycling projects, please share them on your blog.

  9. Hi Karen,

    We do too! We are hopeful we'll get a at least a small yield this year. Fingers crossed.


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