A Whole Lot of Shaking going on with Ice Cream Magic

Have you ever made your own Ice Cream? I have fond memories of picnics at my Aunt’s house where they would slow churn perfect peach ice cream, so when Idea Village asked me if they could send me a free Ice Cream Magic to review I said yes. Of course I knew nothing would compare to my Aunt’s Ice Cream, but hey- this product sounded like just the type of fun my daughters and I would love. 

About Ice Cream Magic:


“Ice Cream Magic- A personal Ice Cream Maker makes fresh, soft-serve ice cream in about 3 minutes of continuous shaking. Any flavor you like. Just shake it and make it!”  

 That sounds easy enough.

Our Review:

  Ice Cream Magic’s pamphlet has yummy sounding recipes on the back so the girls were eager to get started.  We washed and dried our cute little cup and spoon and got out our ingredients. We didn’t have heavy cream, only half and half, but we figured it would work just fine. 

I let the girls take point on this project, so the first attempt was messy good fun that tasted like a yummy Peppermint milkshake. 

They perfected their recipe and method and made some wonderful tasting Vanilla soft serve ice cream the next go around. We didn’t achieve store bought soft serve consistency though, but that may have been because we didn’t use heavy cream like the recipes called for. I’ll pick some up the next time I’m at the store so we can try again.

Our Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream

Helpful Tips:

  • Moms- be warned: this is a messy endeavor, so prep your table or counter first. The lids do not stay sealed very well while you are shaking. And 3 minutes of continuous shaking may not sound like a lot- but once you set the timer and the kids start shaking, you may very well have to take over the task before the timer goes off.  I did with my 10 year old. If you have little ones, I would suggest taking turns.
  • We found that if you put a hand on the top of the container and try to shake up and down only – not sideways at all, there was less mess.

All in all we were happy with the results we got with Ice Cream Magic. It’s not as easy as Prepare, Shake, and Enjoy like their advertising says- but it was fun and if you are like me, having fun in the kitchen with your kids is awesome. 

Ice Cream Magic would be a great gift or stocking stuffer and is affordably priced. I found one listed at Amazon for $11.35. *Please note* This is my affiliate link and I receive a small commission if you buy from it.

I hope you found this review helpful. Tell me, do you make your own ice cream, or remember a time when you ate homemade ice cream? Share your story in comments!

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  1. love this haven't had homemade ice cream in decades will have to get this for the boys thanks for sharing

  2. We haven't made homemade ice cream in forever. It looks delicious.

  3. It sounds like something that would fun for the whole family to partake in. You can't go wrong with ice cream fun.

  4. I recently saw the commercial for this on television. I love the idea of being able to make fresh ice cream and it must taste so good.

  5. I just recently saw the commercial for this on television. I love the idea of making fresh ice cream and I'm sure it tastes delicious.

  6. Hi Robin,

    Your welcome! I think your boys will love making their own ice cream.

  7. Hi Pam,

    It really is tasty ice cream. The single serving size is perfect for the kids- and us Moms who may not want to over do it.

  8. Hi Carlee,

    It really was a lot of fun making this ice cream!

  9. Hi Maria,

    I just saw the commercial too for the big deluxe set. Now my daughter wants that for a birthday gift!

  10. Hi Ellen,

    It was lots of fun- even my teen enjoyed it!

  11. My son wants this. Good tip bout having heavy cream on hand and prepping kitchen for a mess.

  12. My son wants this so bad he can taste it (pun intended). :)

  13. Hi Erinn,

    So glad my tips can help you, because I'm betting your son is going to get one of these!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Wow! It's so inexpensive! My mom used to make homemade ice cream when I was a kid. I've been wanting to do it myself, but thought ice cream makers were really expensive.

  15. This Is Great My Kids Will LOVE This!

  16. Hi Elisbeth,

    This little one is inexpensive and fun- probably can't compare to your Moms Ice Cream maker, which are really expensive! This would be great for your kids!

  17. Hi Lisa,

    Maybe you can get one for Christmas!


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