#TBT- Blogger Style

by Linda A Kinsman, Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Thursday, or as I like to say- Happy Friday Eve Dear readers! As you may or may not have noticed, I've been real quite this week. The reason is quite simple- cold and flu season is here and the girls brought home something gnarly and shared the love. 

When I got the idea to do a throw back Thursday post- I laughed and went into a coughing fit when I searched my archives and saw what I was talking about this time last year. Oh- the irony of it!

It was a review for Halo oral Antiseptic Spray. 


Why oh why didn't I remember this product and the great review I gave it? 

Do I suffer from short term memory loss? Was I too sick to remember this stuff helped me not get sick last year?? It could have saved us from this funk- which wasn't the flu thankfully- but still, made us all feel really bad. 

The answer to these questions are in fact a mystery- but having Halo at the ready is not. I've got some now and will spray each family member as they come through the door this afternoon and evening. 

You may want to click on over to my review here and see if Halo may be a good fit for your family too.  If you do decide you'd like to give Halo a try- visit their website first and print yourself a $4.00 off coupon

Saving and staying well. How's that for a cool #TBT post?

Disclosure- I wasn't compensated to share this information and no affiliate links are included in this post. Just helpful information. 
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