Alone Yet Not Alone Book review and Giveaway

Material Disclosure: As a member of FlyBy Promotions, I received a free copy of this book to facilitate my review and to host a giveaway.  All opinions expressed our 100% my own. 

Reviewing children’s or young adult books can be a hit or miss endeavor, because sometimes a book you think will hold your child’s interest doesn’t. This was not the case with Alone yet Not Alone. I will go into more detail about that in my review, but first let me tell you about the book and movie coming in September. There’s a giveaway too at the bottom.

About Alone yet Not Alone:

Settled in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, deep within America's new frontier, the Leininger family celebrates the blessings of a beautiful homestead and bountiful harvest. That is, until tragedy strikes with the beginning of the French and Indian War and the devastating raid known as the Penn's Creek Massacre. 

The lives of this simple, God-fearing family are forever altered when Barbara and Regina, two young sisters, are carried away by the Delaware tribe. Driven by their faith in God and the powerful bonds of family, Barbara and Regina hold firmly to the belief that they are never alone, even in their darkest hour, and that they will be reunited again. 

Rich in historical details, Alone Yet Not Alone is an inspirational, true story of a family caught in the cross fire of the French and Indian War. 

About The Author: 

Tracy Leininger Craven loves history and retelling real-life stories in her historical fiction books. She also loves spending her free time in the great outdoors with her husband David and their four children.

My Review:

I have to admit, I was a little concerned about how in depth the author might go in details of the French and Indian war. Be warned, there are parts of this book that deal with the ugliness of this part of our American history. 
While there are parts in this book that tell of the terrible ordeals this family endured, Mrs. Craven wrote about them in a way that wasn’t graphic or over the top.

I enjoyed this books flow and story line. It drew me in from the first chapter. The Leininger family are a close-knit Christian family that was very relatable even though the lived so long ago.

My ten year old daughter devoured this book! She absolutely loved it and asked to stay up a little longer because she was at a really good part. She had this book read in record time, which speaks volume's to the authors gifted pen. 

We highly recommend this book for your tween reader 10 or over because of the subject matter. This is an inspiring book, full of faith and family love, which in my humble opinion, our world needs more of.

And Alone Yet not Alone Movie will be released in theaters September 27, 2013. 

 Starring: Kelly Greyson, Natalie Racoosin, Clay Walker, Jenn Gotzon, Joanie Stewart, Ozzie Torres, Tony Wade.

Families will love this film based on a true story!  Awarded 5 Doves from the Dove Foundation! 

You can connect with Alone Yet not Alone on their website, Facebook and Twitter or watch the movie trailer on You Tube.

 As always, I hope you found this review helpful. 

About the giveaway:

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Disclosure: As a member of FlyBy Promotions, I received a free copy of this book to facilitate my review and to host a giveaway .  All opinions expressed our 100% my own. 


  1. I would give this book to my youngest brother.

  2. Hi Samantha,

    What a sweet baby in your profile picture!
    Good luck on winning this book for your brother and thanks for entering.

  3. I'd probably give this book to my 9 year old (almost 10) daughter...she is reading well above her age and I think she would enjoy it!

  4. I might read it myself. Sounds interesting.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I bet your daughter will like this book. Good luck!

  6. Hi Ordinary Housewife,

    Thank you for visiting. I just went to your blog and followed you, because us ordinaries need to flock together. :)

    I think you'll like this book as much as I did.

    Good luck!

  7. I bet I would like the book! Had no idea they were making a movie too. Thanks for the review, at first I wondered about the graphicness/violence but you said it wasn't bad. I may try to get it for my 4th grader.

  8. Hi Tammy,

    I really liked this book and the way the author wrote about the terrible times without being graphic. Since this is a Dove approved movie I'm hoping the movie won't take liberties.

    Good luck!

  9. I would read it myself first than share it with my teenage granddaughter if I felt it was something she would enjoy. She loves to read :)

  10. Hi Julie,

    It's a good book I think you and your granddaughter will like. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  11. I might read then share with my Mom or sister.

  12. It's really a good book. It is inspiring and has hope in the face of deep challenges. Thanks for this, I look forward to the movie and will be sharing with my family. :)


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