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Wordless Wednesday- Local Love

I saw this poster over the weekend and had to snap a picture of it. I think it represents Nashville, TN. perfectly.

Local Love

Where do you live? Let me know with a comment! Got a WW post up on your blog? Let me know that too so I can stop by.


  1. I live in Ohio, but we love visiting TN! We will be down there in June---but not Nashville.

  2. Hi Mandee,

    There are so many awesome destinations in Tennessee, I hope you have a great visit.

  3. I live in South Carolina. We will be visiting TN. in June...

  4. Hi Kelly,

    We hope to visit South Carolina soon, so I may email you for some tips. I hope you have a wonderful time in TN!

  5. I live in Chicago, I have been to Tennessee once or twice growing up, I'd love to come back and visit!


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