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Shorts Shopping: The Saga continues

My daughters are 14 and 10 years of age. They are both smack dab in the middle of a fashion crisis not of their own making.  The crisis? Shorts. Yep. Shorts!

We have been shopping for cool, fun, in style jean shorts on and offline for days now.  We aren’t being picky. Well, not on purpose.  We all just want affordable, classy, not trashy “bootie” shortie shorts. 

Repeat: I will not have shortie shorts in my house or on my girls!

Courtesy: Macy'

You know the kind. The ones where the pockets hang out in front? The ones where the inseam is the size of my pinky nail? These shorts come complete with whiskers, strategically placed rips, some even have words! All meant to show as much leg and skin as possible. There are even shorter ones than those pictured above.  Older teens and 20 somethings might pull this off, but not my 14 year old.

The shorts for my 10 year old aren’t any better. She loves Justice brand clothing. Here is what I’m met with there. Not so bad in a picture or on a mannequin, but put them on a 10 yr. old playing at the park and you will soon see what I'm talking about. 


What about us Moms and kids who want something in between shortie shorts and Bermudas that don’t cost 25 bucks a pair? Surely we can’t be the only ones out here searching for nice, ladylike shorts.

Am I the only Mom that still says ladylike? I hope not, but if the leftover shorts at my local stores are any indication, I am in the minority. Have the other Moms just given in and said,”Okay, buy the shortie shorts, if they are in your size! And please make it snappy, because this is our 5th store today!”?  That’s what we keep running into, no nice shorts in their sizes.

I’m not judging, I’m asking. Do you care how much skin your daughter is showing? It’s the last day of May and I’ve already inadvertently seen way too many not properly covered behinds to last me well into July! And don’t even get me started on the less than ladylike way in which some teens are forever picking and pulling trying to get those shorts out of uncomfortable spots! Trust me when I say, I'm not purposely trying to see these actions...but they are everywhere!

There I go, being all ladylike again.  And I’ll make no apologies for it. I’m a classy lady doing my best to raise classy daughters in a world bent on making them anything but. 


We did find these perfect shorts at Macy's, but they are on sale for 27.99 a pair!

Courtesy: Macy'

Sigh again.

I’ll take my daughters shopping again today because I know 2 local stores got in new shipments yesterday. I pray they will both find at least one pair of jean shorts that are cool, fun and in style.

I might even pay more than normal for them! Wish me good luck.

How do you deal with the less is more trend in teen and tween clothing?


  1. It is ridiculous isn't it! I mean theses are little girls still...they are not meant to be sexy! All I can say is maybe try online. It's sad the way society wants little girls to look sexy.

  2. I know, it is CRAZY... even the shorts for my two-year-old seem like boody shorts, it is horrible...

  3. Have you checked

    I but most of my short there and they are all cool looking.

    Check out my blog Diva Fabulosa Fashion and Lifestyle Blog to see how they look!

  4. Shorts shopping is super hard! I have so much trouble finding any that aren't giant in the thighs (if they actually extend more than an inch below the crotch!)

  5. Hi Christy,

    Yep, it really is ridculous! Sexy has its place and it isn't on young girls.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi Shuana,

    I'm with you, no two year old should be wearing bootie shorts!

    I wish clothing companies would understand not all of us want to buy this style of clothing.

  7. Hi Jadey,

    I have never heard of Romwe. Thanks for the referral. I'll stop by your blog a little later to see the shorts.

  8. Hi Crystal,

    We run into the super big thigh issue here as well. I want to shout "Hey, why not take all this extra fabric here and add it to the inseam?!"

  9. I won't let me daughter wear those to short no way, I don't want someone to get the wrong impression of her.. she is only 14..

  10. it is hard to find shorts that are not too short! I used to order my kids clothes from LLBean for years until the girls wanted to pick out their own in the mall. yikes!!! target seems to be a good fit for shorts for them, but it is not so easy to find or see longer shorts. good luck!

  11. GOOD for you!! I cannot believe how many young CHILDREN I see wearing shorts so short they might as well not have any on! I really wish the clothing companies would understand what image they are letting these girls project with these style of clothes!

  12. Hi Alaina,
    Thank you for your supportive comment.

    I agree that clothing companies need to get on board and understand not all people are good with the "choices" being offered!

  13. Hi Kelly,

    Thankfully, neither one of my girls want to wear shortie shorts, but I see several girls that my 14 yr. old goes to school with wearing them. And I'm like you saying never gonna happen. If you look like you don't respect yourself, how will others know they should?

  14. Hi Alison,

    I try to avoid the mall whenever possible because all you see are shortie shorts and tops not quite covering everything that needs to be covered. And prices! Yikes!
    We used to have good luck at Target as well, but not this year.

  15. Exactly! My oldest daughter being 23 now, I've had this same problem for MANY years! My youngest being only 16 simply says "no Mom, I won't wear any of those shorts" so we just quit looking. I don't know who thought that eliminating 7 to 9" inch was a bad idea, but get over it! Girls of value DON'T like them 1-3"!!! But then, they aren't the target demographic, they never have been!

    Good luck with the new shipments. If you do find some, let us know!

  16. Hi Penny,

    I am with you- Clothing companies: Bring back the 7-9 inch inseam and I bet you sell WAY more shorts!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting my friend!
    I did find one pair of shorts per each girl. I'll share them on Wordless Wednesday. :)

  17. Reading this reminds me of myself when I was 14 and trying desperately to keep up with the fashion trends set by my music idols and fit in with my peers. Ahh, the way I used to roll my skirts at the waist to make them shorter, just as soon as my mom lost sight of me (or carrying a pair of super sexy shorts in my school bag). I find the whole discussion funny and I'm on your girls' side on this one but hey, my daughter is only 6 now, I might think differently in few years time. Good read Linda!

  18. Hi Ally,
    Thank you for your supportive comment.
    I had friends just like you who brought "other" clothes from home so they could change. I'm smiling remembering being way to scared of my Moms wrath to try it! :-)


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