When a representative from Safer Brands contacted me about possibly doing a review for their organic products I quickly researched the company prior to saying yes. We have had bad experiences with lawn and garden products in the past and I wanted to make sure these products were something beneficial and truly safe to work with. Within 3 minutes of visiting their informative website, I was replying to that email with Yes, please!  Here's what I learned.

I received  free products from Safer Brand to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are 100% my own. 

About Safer Brand Lawn Care:

Organic lawn care

Safer Brand's tag line says it all: It's Organic, It's Effective, It's Safer Brand. The website also states: "Safer® Brand carries the natural gardening products you need for your organic garden, lawn and houseplants. Our insecticides and herbicides are all natural, containing no synthetic or man-made chemicals. Whatever your organic gardening needs are, Safer® Brand can help."

That sounded really good to me since we live on a pretty large property and safety of our yard, outside animals and waterways is very important to us. We waited for the arrival of our products. 

Here's what we received:

Weed control
Safer Brand Restore and Weed Control Step 1 & 2

Safer Brand Lawn Restore Step 3 & 4

Safer Brand Thermometer and Application Calendar

Trying Products:

Our products arrived in late April just in time to apply. The only problem was it rained every time we were free to apply the products.  We finally caught a break in the weather and got busy.

Here is a photo of the Restore in our spreader.


And a photo of my wonderful husband spreading Safer Brand Restore on our lawn.

My hubby

I even added the Weed Prevention Plus product to my flower beds prior to mulching.

Safer Brand Weed Prevention Plus

My Thoughts:

I was pleased that the Safer Brand products had no chemical odor. The products smell more grainy than anything. In fact, I saw curious birds coming down to peck and investigate the pellets under a tree. I didn't have to worry about them, my outside kitty, or the lawn! 

So far I am very pleased with the Safer Brand products and will keep you updated with the results as we work through the product application process which happens in July and September. After that I will give my full review. 

I invite you to check out Safer Brand products if you are looking for a safe alternative to harsh chemicals. Visit their website HERE or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Please share in comments: Where would you like to use Safer products in your yard?

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  1. The soil thermometer is interesting. Can't wait to see how this works!

    Great that there are no worries about the wildlife is eating the chemicals and them are getting in the ground water only to spread.

    Good luck with the process. I am looking forward to your review!

  2. Hi Penny,

    The thermometer is cool. It shows you soil temps & when it's safe to plant your veggies.

    Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you will stop back by in June.

  3. Thanks for sharing. We want to start a garden.

  4. I'm almost ready to purchase my first Safer Brand fertilizer but would like to know how your lawn is reacting to your first application.

  5. Hello Anonymous,

    I am very pleased with the results of my first application and will be writing about my findings soon.I do recommend their products and suggest you visit their website (link in my post) to learn more.

  6. We have tried twice to get a nice lawn. Got rid of what was there, prepped, waited, the whole thing. I gave up, All we have are weeds for the most part,

  7. My husband does a great job taking care of our lawn, and we still have weeds. I will tell him about this product.

  8. So glad you found this post helpful Savings in Seconds.


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