Dear Barbie, Your Days are Numbered

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I know you are a Mega- Super Star and all Barbie, but at my house you are losing your status big time. 

Barbie dolls

 You have been an elite member of our home for over 12 years, reigning supreme over playrooms, play dates and wish lists for so long that it surprised me when you did not make the all-important Christmas wish list for my youngest daughter this year.

She always and I mean always asks for either the collectible Barbie or a new Barbie set and accessories.  Again, you were strangely absent from the same said daughter’s birthday wish list a month later.  

The love affair of all things Barbie started early with both daughters:

Barbie car
Santa brought Melissa her own Barbie car so she wouldn't have to "borrow" her sisters.

Collectible Barbie

Both girls wanted this collectible Barbie but only one got it, which may explain the next picture.

Kelly doll collection
Clearly a 30+ piece Kelly Collection is not what she wanted.

As your popularity started to wane yearly, the collection was downsized and moved to a corner of each daughter’s room. 
Then just the youngest daughters room, until now Barbie; you have been downsized until you live in two bins in the back on my ten year old's closet. 
The cars are parked on the opposite side of the closet with purses and backpacks on top. Clearly not ready to roll at a moment’s notice like in your hay-day.

This realization caused a moment of reflection for me as I tried to remember at what age my oldest daughter gave all her Barbie’s to my youngest.
 It’s a hazy memory, not one that is seared in my mind like the first lost tooth or first day of kindergarten, but I do think she was around ten.

Yep, your days are truly numbered Barbie. 

When I asked Melissa about it, she said she still liked Barbie’s okay and might play with them more if she still had the big Barbie house (which she said was okay for me to get rid of last summer) and if Barbie would just stick to the classic look and not launch a new doll for every new book and movie character that comes out.  Hmm… stick to the classics - Smart girl.

I’m turning pages quickly in the books of life with my daughters, reaching milestones in their teen and tween worlds. Some make me happy, some are bittersweet. This Barbie thing is the latter.  I can’t count the hours I’ve spent playing Barbie’s with my girls.

So yes, I’m putting you on notice Barbie, you seem to have shelf life of about 10 years and then you are relegated to a corner in the closet and then… who knows?

But before I let go completely, I am going to ask my daughters to play Barbie’s this weekend. I bet I get at least one taker.

Is there a special toy languishing in the bottom of a toy box or closet at your house too? What is it? 

Do you think you should invite your kids for one more play date with that toy? 

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