Total Silence

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Tuesday, January 08, 2013

When was the last time you heard it? For me it was this morning around 10:30am. And it took me a moment to label what I was hearing, or rather not hearing.

I have the house all too myself for the first time in 17 days. The girls are back at school. The husband is at work. The cat is curled up for her morning nap. No TV. No radio. No phone beeping.

Total and complete silence.

Bliss to my ears at first, but then after 30 minutes or so,  things got too quite. And that quite made me miss all the noise a family brings into a home.

Yes, I can actually hear myself think this morning, and yes I do find myself pleasant enough company. Still, I reach over and turn on the radio, turn the volume down low. And count the hours until the silence will be broken by the safe return of my family.

And I smile.
I went back to work refreshed and ready to take on the day with a new attitude!

If you are surrounded by noise, whether it is from your kiddies or the TV in the background, or your phone, try to find a moment for total silence. Quite time has a way of resetting our responses to people and situations.

Trust me, try it.  It doesn't have to be for very long.  Even 5 minutes total silence will have you hearing and seeing things differently.
Have a blessed week!
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